When you are searching for your life purpose, it is a sign that you are disconnected from Self (your true self).

When you are out of touch with the workings and rhythms of your true self, you are also out of touch with the true purpose of any identity, be it a person, place, project, money, or time other than yourself.
It is like wandering forever in a maze without a goal, so to speak.
In Ho’oponopono, we see that it is not simply because there is something wrong with the way we live or work that we spend so much effort every waking day fulfilling the day’s purpose.

When we are living our true selves, that is, when we are free from memory, we can live a perfect rhythm, under the perfect design of the Divine Intelligence.
It is like an elaborate tapestry of the entire universe: I, my desk, the project, the road, each moment has its role. If we are living our true selves, there are no conflicts that create fatigue and anger. We don’t need to feel the frustration of having to reveal the meaning of our existence.

So, if you have a strong desire to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment regarding your daily life and role, pause and whisper to your inner self, 

“I love you.”

As you continue to do this each time you feel impatient or fatigued, you will first of all feel yourself becoming fit from the inside out, as unwanted memories are erased from your mind.
That’s when we find our place and feel fulfilled. Without knowing ourselves, we cannot return to our original rhythm.
It may seem like a roundabout way. But only by knowing ourselves can we find the true answers to our individual needs.

Jean Nakasato Living in Oahu, she has been practicing SITH Ho’oponopono for over 30 years in both her personal and professional life, having met and engaged with Morrnah on Maui in 1982. As an Education Specialist for the Hawaii State Department of Education, she worked to improve the environment of educational facilities in Hawaii. Click here to read a related interview with Jean Nakasato


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