── Some people practicing cleaning have expressed concerns like “It doesn’t turn out the way I thought” and “Nothing changes.”

It’s important to let go of your ‘expectations’ regarding the outcome.

── Are ‘expectations’ about the outcome similar to feelings like “I hope it happens this way” or “I want to do it this way”?

Yes, ‘expectations’ are essentially ‘memories’. If you hold onto them, they will constrain you. If you have any expectations, please clean with them. When expectations clog up your mind, there’s no room for anything new. If you clean and empty yourself, inspiration will descend and ‘what is supposed to happen for you will happen.’

── So, even if ‘what is supposed to happen’ is different from what one desires?

“Clean and receive inspiration”—that’s all it is. The divinity always grants you perfection. However, how you receive, utilize, or leverage it is entirely up to you.

── So it’s not about doing as one wishes, but about erasing the ’cause’ one perceives as a problem in what’s currently in front of them. If the cause is erased, then what remains can simply be as it should be.

Yes, everything is perfect as it is. I once had a broken, deformed finger and initially wished it would return to its original shape while cleaning with these feelings. Eventually, I came to love it as it was, thinking ‘I love you, my cute little finger’, and felt like kissing it. Suddenly, my finger was straight again.

── I see, I also want to clean and be in the ‘state that should be.’

Yes, everything you create is important because you are supposed to be in the state that is right for you, being true to yourself.

── At a lecture, I heard that ‘each experience and emotion should be carefully cleaned.’ I’ve heard that you also clean with ‘places you will go to’ and ‘people you will meet.’ Can you also clean with ‘future experiences’?

Even if we call it the future, I, being here now, can only clean with the present. As for the future, it means cleaning with this very moment, which you are interpreting as ‘the future you will experience.’ In that sense, cleaning can extend infinitely into the future. You can even pre-clean a year’s calendar. Let’s take an apple for example. There are only a few seconds between seeing an apple and eating it. If this apple represents your future, you might think about it being hard or tasty or oddly shaped in the moment. Cleaning these momentary thoughts is essential. Whether the apple is there or not, whether the future happens or not, your role in cleaning with your experiences remains the same.

── I see, so the method remains the same as always?

Yes, you can use the method you’re currently using, whether it’s the four phrases or any cleaning tool you prefer. The method varies from person to person. I always clean in advance before I leave home until I return. The image of ‘returning to my home’ is crucial during cleaning. I start cleaning from the transportation I use, the train, the tickets, the flights, the stations I pass through, and any fears like being afraid of flying.

── I might forget if I don’t write it down.

Maybe your subconscious is suggesting that. Write it down! Once you’re connected, inspiration will come, like turning on a light switch.

KAMAILELAULI’I RAFAELOVICH (a.k.a. KR), the first disciple of the late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho’oponopono. She has been cleaning for over 50 years and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MAT (Massage Therapist License) certifications. In addition to her real estate business in Hawaii, she also does Ho’oponopono consulting, bodywork, land cleaning, and lectures throughout the country. She is the author of many Ho’oponopono books. Please check the books from here

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