Jean-Pierre (JP) Deluca

Jean-Pierre (JP) Deluca J.P.デルーカFrom the moment I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and committed to cleaning from it, I discovered inside with an asset: a sense of satisfaction with life and self-actualization.

attended his first class of SELF I-DENTITY through HO’OPONOPONO® in 1992 in Boston, MA where he met Dr. Hew Len. He has been using this powerful system, yet, very simple, for many years now and, although at the beginning he was not a believer, he is now 100% committed as he has been benefiting from it in a big way. The cleaning helped him in crucial situations in his life, it saved his life at least three times, he could have ended up in flight UA 175 that hit the second tower in Manhattan in September 11, 2001, he could have died exiting the highway in 2004…

– He was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in 2003 (Multiple Myeloma) and based on the data available then, he was given 2 to 5 years. After 20 years, he feels great and enjoys his life as never before. He could go on with many more examples of positive outcomes in his personal and professional lives, relationships, work, etc. that he has no explanation for, except for the usage of the SELF I-DENTITY through HO’OPONOPONO®.

Teaching the Basic I, Business Ho’oponopono and Health Ho’oponopono classes, is a way for him to give back and in the process, hopefully inspire other people to use this wonderful Gift from Divinity so they can have their own experience with it and find their way Home. How wonderful to know that although we are clueless, yet, we can receive what is correct for us, by simply be willing to do the cleaning and let the Divine guide us through Inspiration.

He is forever grateful to Morrnah, Doctor Hew Len and the Divinity for the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® process.
JP has taught classes IN PERSON in USA, Canada, Russia (Former Soviet Union), China, South Korea and Japan. JP has been an Instructor for ONLINE classes in the USA and Argentina.

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