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Nov. 30-Dec. 1: Basic 1 Hybrid Class
Nov. 30-Dec. 1: Basic 1 Hybrid Class
Class / 2024-06-24
Cleaning with Learning
Cleaning with Learning
Personal Experience / 2024-06-20
Living in Rhythm
Living in Rhythm
interview / 2024-06-19
15th【 Where Your Treasure Is 】Page 30
15th【 Where Your Treasure Is 】Page 30
SITH Reading Study / 2024-06-18
Sep. 7-8: Basic 1 Hybrid Class
Sep. 7-8: Basic 1 Hybrid Class
Class / 2024-06-17
Health Class Feature
<The Body and Mind Are Connected>

In recent years, scientific evidence has shown that brain function is directly linked to physical health.

The ancient Hawaiians focused on the mind as a source of physical problems.
Modern Ho’oponopono introduces methods developed by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, named a Hawaiian State Treasure in 1982, that individuals can practice on their own.

Class / Lecture

Basic 2 Class Feature
<What the Late Morrnah Left Behind>

Although SITH Ho’oponopono has spread worldwide, its process involving the subconscious was initially developed by founder Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, named a Hawaiian State Treasure in 1982.

Through cleaning, the methodology was refined as it spread globally, dividing into the current Basic 1, Business, and Health classes. The 12 steps process has been practiced worldwide. Eight years ago, the “Basic 2 Class” was introduced in Asia for the first time, following an inspiration that the consciousness was prepared.

It is the only opportunity to practice the “soul restoration” devised by Morrnah under the ideals of freedom and peace.

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Instructor Interview

Living in Rhythm

Living in rhythm doesn't mean you need to change others. You don't have to convince yourself of anything, nor do you need to give up on anything.

The Importance of Embracing All Emotions

Are you judging problems based on their size or severity? Do you feel guilty about being troubled by things that seem minor or insignificant?

The Emotions You Feel Now Shape Your Body

There is a common saying when discussing health and beauty: “You are what you eat” It means that what you consume daily shapes your current and future health.

What Affects the Body

It is essential to treat them with care, and how we treat them determines how we restore our body and soul to their natural, healthy state.


The Story of a Boy with a Stutter

We want our children to grow up freely and uninhibited. Surely, many parents think this way.

The Child’s Talent and How to Find the Flow

What would you do if you discovered a problem with your child? Everyone would likely try to do the best they can at that moment.

The Beginning of an Unimaginable Journey

We present an interview video featuring Jean Nakasato, who works as a Ho'oponopono instructor in classes around the world.

Why Do We Clean?

She began cleaning the moment she learned she needed surgery, preparing to clean before, during, and after the procedure.

Personal experience

Cleaning with Learning

It's been 14 years since I encountered Ho'oponopono. Since discovering this cleaning practice, I have been diligently and fervently committed to it.

A Journey of Self-Discovery through Cleaning

Although I had no complaints about my work or family life, the lack of a clear vision for my future made me anxious and unable to sleep well.

Thank you very much for the wonderful Basic 1 class

At the end of June this year, in such a situation, a friend introduced me to "Blue Solar Water" and lent me some books about Ho'oponopono."

Perfect Being

I've been reading books on Ho'oponopono for over ten years and practicing it daily, even though I sometimes forget.


[JAPANESE]『Da Vinci News』Announcement of Article Publication

An article by Irene Taira, Ho'oponopono Asia Office, was published in Da Vinci News.

[JAPANESE]『Gendai Busines』Announcement

An article by Irene Taira, Ho'oponopono Asia Office, was published in Gendai Business.

KR Service

Personal Consultation

Each “answer” derived in the personal session is given to the individual. In this individual session working with Ho’oponopono, we work with the awareness and questions that each client owns.

Absentee Body Work

KR ABSENTEE BODY WORK is a service that works directly with the body's identity through a problem-solving method called Self-Identity through Ho'oponopono. As many of you have already realized, our bodies, in part and in detail, have consciousness and individuality, just like our personalities.

Land Cleaning

For many years, KR, along with the late Morrnah, has been providing land cleaning services, primarily to clients living in Hawaii. This is a service committed to supporting land cleaning. Now KR offers land cleaning services to clients in the U.S. and around the world.

Books published in English

Dewdrops of Wisdom

Authors: Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len, Kamaile Rafaelovich

Seasons of the Mind

Authors: Morrnah Simeona, Ihaleakala Hew Len, Kamaile Rafaelovich

Books published in Japanese


イハレアカラ・ヒューレン(著)、カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ(著)、SITH ホオポノポノ アジア事務局(監修)

ハワイの叡智 ホ・オポノポノ 幸せになる31の言葉

イハレアカラ・ヒューレン(著)、カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ(著)、平良 アイリーン (翻訳)

人生が変わるホ・オポノポノの教え (PHP文庫)

ジョーヴィターリ(著)、イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著)


イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ (著)

ホ・オポノポノジャーニー ほんとうの自分を生きる旅

平良 アイリーン (著), イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (監修), KR (監修)


イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ (著)

ホ・オポノポノ 誰もがし幸せになれるハワイの叡智 (TJMOOK)

イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ (著)

アロハ! ヒューレン博士とホ・オポノポノの言葉

平良アイリーン (著), イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (監修)

だれもが幸せになるハワイの言葉「ホ・オポノポノ」 (マキノ出版ムック)

イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ (著)


モーナ・ナラマク・シメオナ、 イハレアカラ・ヒューレン、 カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ



ホ・オポノポノ ライフ ほんとうの自分を取り戻し、豊かに生きる

カマイリ・ラファエロヴィッチ (著) ,平良 アイリーン (翻訳)

ウニヒピリ ホ・オポノポノで出会った「ほんとうの自分」

イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), KR女史 (著), 平良アイリーン (著)


イハレアカラ・ヒューレン (著), 丸山あかね (著)

あなたを成功と富と健康に導く ハワイの秘法

ジョー・ヴィターリ (著), イハレアカラ・ヒューレン博士 (著), 東本 貢司 (翻訳)

Books published in Chinese


作者: 伊賀列阿卡拉.修.藍博士, 丸山茜 採訪


作者: 平良愛綾,吉本芭娜娜


作者:平良愛綾, 監修:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍/KR






作者:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍博士, 平良愛綾


作者:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍博士, 櫻庭雅文


作者:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍博士, KR女士, 平良愛綾


作者:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍博士, 河合政實


作者:伊賀列阿卡拉・修藍博士, 喬・維泰利

Books published in Korean

우리 함께 호오포노포노

요시모토 바나나 , 타이라 아이린 지음 / 김난주 옮김

진정한 나를 되찾는호오포노포노 라이프

저자 카마일리 라파엘로비치(KR) / 역자 김윤경

호오포노포노다이어리 2020년

저자 이하레아카라휴렌・KR / 번역감수 이유정

예지의 물방울

모르나 나라마크 시메오나, 이하레아카라 휴렌, 카마이리 라파엘로비치


저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・KR・타이라 아이린 ❙ 역자 임영란


저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・가와이 마사미 ❙ 역자 임영란

처음 만나는우니히피리

저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・KR・타이라 아이린 ❙ 역자 조현희

호오포노포노(처음 만나는)

저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・KR・타이라 아이린 ❙ 역자 조현희


저자 타이라 아이린 ❙ 역자 김남미


저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・조비테일 ❙ 역자 황소연

하루 한 번호오포노포노

저자 이하레아카라 휴렌・사쿠라바 마사후미 ❙ 역자 이은정