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SITH® Ho’oponopono Private Session


IZI LLC certified instructors will finally start offering private sessions!

What is SITH® Ho’oponopono Private Session?

The main purpose of this individual session is to help you resume the cleaning process so that you can regain the inspiration, the Divine Intelligence, to which each of us is originally connected.

If your love is blocked when you cannot feel all the energy you need to live vibrantly each day, remove that rock.

When you are experiencing depression or downfall, no matter how clear the cause may be to you, that is when you have lost sight of your “life purpose.

When you feel lost and don’t have the energy to keep going, reconnect with your inner family.

When you have lost your way, or when you have doubts or fears about the path you should be on, it is time to clean and live your original rhythm.

Focusing on your own memories that create a sense of lack of determination, responsibility, and what you need right now, the instructor will encourage you to clean throughout the hour, answering your questions.

The goal of this session is to remove memory blocks that make it difficult to live your true self, to allow you to clean whatever problem you are facing, and to get back into the rhythm of living.

In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of this series of work, we would like to ask a favor of you.

Please be sure to read “Who’s in charge” in advance of your individual session in order to know the “Three Selves” that make up the “I” that is essential to carry out the Ho’oponopono process.


  • Only IZI LLC certified teachers can guide SITH® Ho’oponopono Private Session.
  • You can ask any questions you may have about the cleaning tools and how to use them in your practice after the class.
    • If you have questions about the Basic 2 class, please choose either Momilani or Nello as your instructor, as they are the teachers for the Basic 2 class.
  • It is always about how you practice of SITH® and your understanding of SITH®, including any stumbling blocks or snags you may experience in your Ho’oponopono practice.
  • Clear emotional and thought blocks that appear through any personal experience or issue with the support of IZI LLC certified instructors.
  • Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes on a date and time of your choice.
  • Sessions are conducted by both the instructor and the client (no interpreter).
  • The session will be conducted according to the application sent to us in advance. During the session, you can ask questions directly to the instructor about problems you are facing, cleaning methods, questions, etc.
  • Once both your application and payment are confirmed, we will send your information to IZI LLC and the instructor to complete your application and begin the cleaning process.
  • The purpose of this session is not to have IZI LLC certified Instructors solve the problem or give the necessary decisions or advice. The sole purpose is to bring the client back to the cleaning process and practice it through the issues they are facing at this moment.
  • All sessions are complete from the time of application to the end of this session. No questions will be accepted after the session is completed.


  • Once sent, no corrections or additions can be made. If you would like to add something, please let the instructor know during the session.
  • We will use email to contact you, so please set up your email settings so that you can receive emails from []. (If you cannot check your email, please check your spam folder)
  • Foundation will delete your personal information responsibly after the session.
  • Only you can participate during the session.
  • Please note that appointments can only be made up to 30 days in advance.
  • Please note that we are unable to extend or reschedule sessions.

Message from IZI LLC certified Instructors

Nello Ceccon

When we wish to solve any problem, no matter what it is, we must first turn our outward consciousness back inward. Even if we think we are introspecting, as long as we are detached from Self, we are only replaying memories. This session is a time for us to awaken to our true nature and return to our true self, which in our modern world can easily deviate from our true self, starting from the problems that are currently occurring. The purpose is to correct the vision distorted by memories through cleaning, to feel the support given to you by the Life given to you, to get in touch with the original flow of your life, and to return to your true self guided by the Divine Intelligence. It is a support system that helps you to open your heart and realize that everything is returning to its original role. When you are experiencing a difficult situation in the world at large, it is up to you, the person who is actually experiencing it, to become aware of the problem and to remember your actions. I am honored to be able to participate as an instructor who can provide that support.

Momilani Ramstrum

When problems pile up, when we continue to experience something that is out of our control, we can feel "lost" in this life itself. At such times, I believe that this session will give us a hint as to where to start, as well as a chance to actually begin to move forward. I am honored to be able to meet with you through the cleaning process as a new opportunity for this sessions is opening up. Whatever issues the participants have shown me through the session, they are the memories that have always existed within me. It is wonderful to be given the chance to let go of the memories that participants, myself, and the universe have held in common throughout the light years. No matter what problems, thoughts, feelings, or experiences you have had now or in the past, no matter how much shame or despair you may feel about them, there is nothing that you alone must keep secret. On a subconscious level, there are no secrets in this universe. Every memory is shared, and we can clean with it however we experience it. Therefore, to take the initiative to clean with it, to put it back on the path to liberation, to be free from me and from everything else, is the ultimate treasure. This private session will also be a time for those who have actually attended the class to ask any questions that emerge through the practice afterwards. In itself, this is also a memory playback, but the questions that arise in practice are those of a lack of safety and security. So, if you have any doubts about how to practice the tools, you can clean with what you are experiencing there, and in fact, more than the result of having clarity in how to do it, you can erase the memory of a sense of lack and return to your true self. And that is the essence of this session.

Wai’ale’a Craven x

No matter how seriously we tackle our problems, we cannot turn back time. However, by becoming aware of what is happening now and cleaning with it, we can reclaim our "present." Cleaning feelings of regret about things we wish we had done when our children were younger, or difficult events with our parents, and even regrets about things we did or didn't do in the past, allows us to obtain the perfect place, timing, and encounters for ourselves in the "now." What is happening to you is a manifestation of memories replaying in your subconscious. The more you clean, the better you can cooperate with your Unihipili. In the midst of emotional turmoil, it may seem like it's too late for anything but regret. However, we are always in the best place we can be. If you can touch the love that is supposed to be through cleaning, you will realize that perfect timing is always present in your life. Clean with the trivial things, the unspeakable things, the things you've bottled up inside during individual sessions, and reclaim your freedom and love. Learning to approach yourself with love and kindness will be the key to living true to yourself.

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