There is no difference between the Ho’oponopono you practice and the Ho’oponopono I practice.
There’s no such thing as your style of cleaning or my style of cleaning.

Each of us can start the process of cleaning the past debts that are causing the problems we are experiencing right now, initiating the process of remorse and forgiveness.

From birth to today, we have accustomed ourselves to learn and improve through various studies and disciplines, starting from nothing. It feels like we have come to believe that life is the path of acquiring skills, learning language and movements, starting from having no abilities.

However, the process of Ho’oponopono is actually the opposite of this concept. It all starts with erasing the countless memories we carry, memories that almost make us lose sight of the light of the present moment.

What we erase each time we experience a problem is not the problem itself, but the memory that causes us to experience it. Therefore, we can never be certain about the results.

However, each time we practice cleaning, we may be able to return to our true path. This can be said to be the law of cause and effect in Ho’oponopono.

KAMAILELAULI’I RAFAELOVICH (a.k.a. KR), the first disciple of the late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho’oponopono. She has been cleaning for over 50 years and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MAT (Massage Therapist License) certifications. In addition to her real estate business in Hawaii, she also does Ho’oponopono consulting, bodywork, land cleaning, and lectures throughout the country. She is the author of many Ho’oponopono books. Please check the books from here


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