It’s been about 13 years since I encountered Ho’oponopono. At that time, one of my wishes was to own a detached house. I practiced letting go of this expectation and continued to clean and talk to my rented apartment, which is my home. Even now, after 13 years, I still live in the same rented apartment. However, unlike before, I deeply love this home of mine.

Recently, when I spoke to each little object in my house, asking ‘May I share with you the method of cleaning?’ I felt them responding, ‘We already know.’ I even spoke to my son’s mobile phone, which replied, ‘I am being cleaned. I love you.’ Surprisingly, there was something deeply fulfilling in this. Through conversations with these inanimate objects, I’ve come to feel that even when I am alone or feeling lonely, I am not alone; I am surrounded by love. Of course, there are times when I can’t feel this way, but every moment is an opportunity for cleaning.

Over these 13 years, the cleaning has also guided me in my work. I used to think I had no confidence or special talents, but my talents have slowly been unfolding and leading me to unexpected work. Recently, when I was tired and sitting down, Unihipili appeared to me. She was a charming elderly lady in her late 80s with white hair. Dressed in a light pink suit, she smiled at me gently. Having such a presence always with me is incredibly reassuring and endearing. Whether I’m in a good mood or tired, as long as I continue to value Unihipili and keep cleaning, I believe I will be guided on the right path

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