I work in cleaning, and it’s both physically and mentally demanding. I was searching for a job that would be a better fit for me when I remembered something about Blue Solar Water that I read in a magazine a long time ago. This led me to recall the phrase “Ho’oponopono,” which intrigued me, and I ended up reading Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s book.

I was struck by the idea that the cause of my problems lies in my memories, and decided to start “cleaning” these memories to discover my true self.

Before learning about this cleansing process, I used to belittle myself for doing cleaning work and wondered if there might be other jobs where I could better use my skills. I doubted myself due to a lack of qualifications, felt I lacked time and physical strength, and was often overwhelmed by feelings of inferiority, resignation, and hope. There were times I cried while working because it was so hard.

Even now, these thoughts emerge, but I chant phrases like “I love you” and “Ice blue” to cleanse myself.

Lately, when I’m at work, I sometimes see rainbows at the edge of the mirror in the toilet or in the light coming through the hallway windows, which brings me joy.

Ho’oponopono can be practiced alone and using its tools is enjoyable. Since starting to practice this cleansing, my mind has felt lighter. I intend to continue caring for myself and practicing this method.

Thank you.

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