I first encountered Ho’oponopono about 20 years ago. I bought a book and found it intriguing, but at the time I couldn’t deeply understand it, as I was preoccupied with parenting and chronic illness. I drifted away from it but was reintroduced when a friend gifted me the same book again.
This time, the content resonated more clearly, and I was able to grasp it deeply. I read all the available books on the subject. Books by Irene Taira and conversations directly with Dr. Hew Len and KR, as well as experiences shared by instructors, helped me understand how to clean within myself more concretely.
Of course, I also read books by Dr. Hew Len and KR. Their approach to cleaning is unpretentious and incorporated into daily life. Sometimes, I find it hard to let go of thoughts and memories and surrender to the process, getting caught up in the past. Yet, they provide perspectives that remind me it’s okay to keep it simple.
I’ve experienced the wonder of receiving messages from Unihipili several times. I choose cleaning tools while speaking to Unihipili, though I often feel like I’m still doing it one-sidedly.
There were times when it clicked that memories from my ancestors were projecting onto my challenging relationships with my child and husband. There are many things beyond my control, and I sometimes doubt whether I’m cleaning correctly, but I have consistently used Blue Solar Water every day for three years—placing six bottles in the morning sun, using it for cooking and drinking, and for laundry, then exposing them to the afternoon sun.
The relationship with my husband seems to be deeply influenced by various past lives or ancestral memories, with one challenging situation surfacing after another. I realize that all these are manifestations of memories, and I cleanse as if in prayer.
I’d love to attend classes and lectures, but I work on weekends, so it’s hard to find the opportunity. Yet, Ho’oponopono has become a central part of my life now. Each instructor’s message includes their unique cleaning derived from their personal histories, and I often find necessary insights through their teachings.
I’m reminded in various situations that cleaning is about returning to our soul’s original path. However, the layers of memories are complex and numerous, making it challenging to peel them off layer by layer, as it often feels very difficult.
I always receive hints from the messages of SITH members and the passages I come across when opening books.
Thank you.
I love you.
I am grateful to have encountered Ho’oponopono in this life.

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