In my mid-30s, I found myself constantly pondering what I wanted to achieve and accomplish in my life. With three children, I watched them grow and learn new things every day, while I felt stagnant. Although I had no complaints about my work or family life, the lack of a clear vision for my future made me anxious and unable to sleep well.

Amidst these feelings, I participated in the SITH private session. The instructor gently advised, “Why do you feel the need to achieve something in your life? Your life is not about economic success or being an exemplary parent. It’s about cleaning in this moment.”

Shortly after, while at the park with my children, I noticed a beautifully blooming flower. The flower simply existed, beautiful without any need to boast. In that moment, I realized that I had been living with an expectation of how others should see me.

Without comparing myself to anyone, I began to focus on cleaning the memories right in front of me. This might mean living a seemingly monotonous and ordinary life. But is an ordinary life necessarily bad? I don’t know what kind of life awaits me in the future.

What became clear is that it’s okay to be as I am now. My purpose in life is to say “Thank you, I love you” to all the memories my Unihipili shows me. I realized that even the expectations of what lies ahead need to be cleaned.

I am deeply grateful to the instructor of the SITH session for this profound realization.

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