We want our children to grow up freely and uninhibited. Surely, many parents think this way.

However, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on what we actually say to our children, what we expect from them, what we despise, what we fear, and what we are trying to teach them.

Are these truly necessary for our children to fully utilize their innate talents and vitality?

We’ve been doing it this way believing it’s right, but if there are any uncertainties, what exactly are those feelings?

When you, the owner of these feelings, clean with them, we become free. When we regain our freedom, children can return to the perfect path originally intended for them.

Jean Nakasato Living in Oahu, she has been practicing SITH Ho’oponopono for over 30 years in both her personal and professional life, having met and engaged with Morrnah on Maui in 1982. As an Education Specialist for the Hawaii State Department of Education, she worked to improve the environment of educational facilities in Hawaii. Click here to read a related interview with Jean Nakasato


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