I was at my wit’s end with my son, who is over twenty years old, suffering from mental illness and repeatedly causing trouble. At the end of June this year, in such a situation, a friend introduced me to “Blue Solar Water” and lent me some books about Ho’oponopono.” That friend didn’t even know I had a son. Initially skeptical, I started reading the thin booklet but was deeply shocked by Dr. Hew Len’s experiences at the state hospital. I began to think that methods beyond my conventional thinking might be the only way to break out of my current situation.

Afterward, I purchased all the recommended books available on the market and read them avidly, though they seemed mysterious. Without my son’s problems, I might never have been able to accept these teachings. I felt a strong sense of fate, believing that I encountered Ho’oponopono precisely because I was suffering to the point of physical and mental distress.

However, there were still many parts I couldn’t fully grasp. What are the 12 steps? What constitutes proper cleaning? How can I take 100% responsibility for my son’s troubles? Even if I assume full responsibility, what should I do next? What does caring for my Unihipili mean? How can I even feel the presence of my Unihipili?

Despite hesitating over the high seminar fee, my strong desire to learn pushed me to sign up for the seminar a month and a half after first hearing about Ho’oponopono. Once I decided to attend the seminar, my interest in Ho’oponopono grew even more. I started printing out and reading the “Drops of Wisdom” Reading Study that came by email every week, morning and night. Still, I had many questions and went into the seminar with a vague understanding.

On the day of the seminar, I was first overwhelmed by the number of participants. I was also surprised by the many review students and absentee participants. Additionally, I was captivated by Patricia, who appeared at the venue with her beautiful voice, appearance, and demeanor. I was so charmed by her that I bought a Zero Wise bracelet she wore daily. The 12 steps were different from what I had expected, but I decided to trust this system. While I still lacked certainty in my connection with my Unihipili, I began to find some joy in it.

During the seminar, I accidentally dropped the manual on the floor and opened the pendulum bag before instructed, showing my clumsiness. Since I was seated in the front row, the instructor might have noticed. My behavior reflected how I had treated myself until then. I realized that I needed to clean and forgive myself for my past actions. Unihipili, I am sorry. Please forgive me for how my rough behavior has hurt you all this time. Please, please forgive me. I love you.

At the end of the seminar, Patricia graced us with the gift of her very beautiful singing voice. Her voice deeply touched my heart, and I am truly grateful that I attended the seminar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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