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Dewdrops of Wisdom

Do you know how "Dewdrops of Wisdom" was created?

Before her death, Morrnah Nalamakau Simaona followed her inspiration in preparing and working to make the ancient practice of Ho'oponopono into a modern version of Ho'oponopono (Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono) that could be done alone, at any time, in any moment, without the need for a guru or any specific time, place, or group.

As the practice gradually spread, first to Hawaii, then to other parts of the United States, and gradually to the rest of the world, Morrnah continued to clean and meditate on a daily basis.
One day, the inspiration came to her to verbalize the clear awareness she was seeing.
She asked Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and KR, with whom she was meditating at the time, to help her with this sacred task.

It is said that "Dewdrops of Wisdom" is the result of the inspiration that each of them found through the cleaning process, which they put into words one by one.

Open to any page and you will find that it is spoken to "you" from a higher being.

Reading this book could be an adventure for your unihipili to meet your true family.


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