I’ve been reading books on Ho’oponopono for over ten years and practicing it daily, even though I sometimes forget. Financial and circumstantial challenges prevented me from taking classes. But after my parents’ death and the various issues that came to light, I unexpectedly received a sum of money that matched the cost of a private session. It felt like the right moment, so I signed up for a session with KR.

Before the session began, I tried to clean with myself more diligently than usual. However, once the session started, emotions of resentment and anger toward my mother and my childhood home, which I hadn’t noticed while she was alive, came flooding out. I ended up cleaning with those memories of anger together with her.

After the session, the memories continued to surface in my daily life, demanding to be cleansed. Some days I clenched my teeth, and other days I felt calm. I used the tools I was taught and continued cleaning. During that time, one of the significant issues unexpectedly resolved itself, and my inner child (unihipili), who was drowning just as much as my conscious mind (uhane), seemed to start showing a faint smile.

A few days ago, an image of my mother’s hand suddenly appeared in my mind. I used the cleaning tools I learned during the session, just like when I massaged her aging hand with hand cream while she was still alive. Despite the resentment I felt toward her, the wrinkles and spots on her hand became precious and worthy of respect, and I even sensed the warmth of her body temperature.

At that moment, I realized that perhaps this is what it means to be “originally perfect.”

I hope to keep walking at my own pace with my inner child. One day, when the timing is right, I’d like to attend a class.

I am deeply grateful to KR for cleansing my memories with me and to Ms. Taira for interpreting my rambling words during the session. May peace be with you all.

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