── When we stand by the idea that everything in life, including work and encounters with people, is done for the sake of “cleaning,” everything goes well. I used to think that we clean to make life smoother.

Even those who initially thought this way, gradually realize that their role is to clean what is in front of them while conversing with their subconscious mind, Unihipili. A while back, someone came to me about their child’s refusal to go to school. As we proceeded, they realized that the problem was not with their child, but with their own “memories.” They understood that they needed to clean “what they were experiencing with their child.” When I met them later, both their child’s condition and their own well-being had improved.
In Ho’oponopono, whether we are working or meeting people, all experiences are seen as an opportunity to clean our own experiences and thoughts. Our experiences are, after all, the replaying of “memories” stored within us, so we simply continue to clean these “memories.”
The job of doctors and healers, too, is simply to clean their own “experiences” when they consult with patients about their conditions. Everything that happens is for your own cleaning.

As an example of everything being for cleaning, when I built a new house, I couldn’t decide on the paint for the walls and consulted Dr. Hew Len. From the experience of “not being able to decide on the paint,” I was advised to let go of the thoughts that “I must choose the paint myself,” “I must paint the walls myself,” and to clean my emotions as well. The moment I let go, the paint that was meant to be there enveloped the house on its own. When we let go, we and those around us become free, and things naturally find their rightful place. That’s why the right paint ended up on the walls. The theme of painting was for my cleaning. We often struggle to let go of doing things ourselves.

── I always try to control things by thinking, “I have to do something about it!”

Trying to analyze and find solutions in your mind, or acting on them, hinders cleaning, no matter what it is. I always try not to forget to clean, no matter what experience I am going through or about to go through. Even for a simple phone call, I remind myself to clean before picking up the receiver by sticking a little note on the phone. I clean the experience of “answering this call.”

── It’s hard to clean while talking on the phone.

You can even place cleaning tools near your phone. Just drinking or imagining drinking Blue Solar Water is enough. In fact, many people try too hard to clean and end up burdening their subconscious mind, Unihipili. Just by drinking Blue Solar Water, you can clean very easily. I want to teach Unihipili that.
As cleaning progresses, you’ll find your own methods of cleaning inspired by inspiration. There is no fixed way; you use what works for you.

── For me, asking myself “Why can’t I see the person in front of me as God?” and reading even a little of “Dewdrops of Wisdom” cleanses me the most.

So, it’s okay for everyone to have their own way, right?

KAMAILELAULI’I RAFAELOVICH (a.k.a. KR), the first disciple of the late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho’oponopono. She has been cleaning for over 50 years and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MAT (Massage Therapist License) certifications. In addition to her real estate business in Hawaii, she also does Ho’oponopono consulting, bodywork, land cleaning, and lectures throughout the country. She is the author of many Ho’oponopono books. Please check the books from here

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