My first encounter with Ho’oponopono was in 1983.
A year before that, Ihaleakala met Morrnah, and SITH Ho’oponopono gradually took its present form.

At that time, Morrnah used to say,
“We are the problem children, gathered like this. We are the ones who have created problems for the entire universe. We need to start cleaning with the problems we have created.

Morrnah accompanied Ihaleakala almost everywhere she traveled. She respected Ihaleakala’s cleaning and had his support. At the same time, we were all her students and in the process of evolving our own consciousness.

Morrnah was always a lucid and strong woman, her aura always extending for miles. Just being around her was transformative for us. Because once an evolution occurs within one person, it is derived from the next.

We are all astride a horse. That horse is SITH Ho’oponopono.
We had lectures on Wednesdays, staff meetings on Thursdays, and various trainings on the weekends. We have spent 50 weeks of the year on it. Ihaleakala was there. And what everyone there at the time clearly realized, with crystal clarity, was that what we were learning and practicing was very important in our lives. It was necessary for each life.

Morrnah often said that when we grieve for someone, our grief is an invisible hook to hold on to the soul of the deceased.
Of course it is sad to lose a loved one. But if we feel such feelings inside, then by cleaning, we can release the soul of the other person, ourselves, and any being for that matter.
Attachment cripples our souls, whether it is born of love or not. Assuming that the person’s presence was giving us happiness limits our present and stops the flow. Divinity is always constant and giving happiness.

Ihaleakala’s soul, his identity, is still on purpose. It is living his blue print. When we see Divinity in ourselves and in others, we can become free.

He has given me so much throughout life. He taught classes every weekend somewhere in the world. That is incredible and not an easy thing to do. He “just got to the cleaning” every moment that happened in his physical days.

There is an episode. While Ihaleakala was giving a lecture in Philadelphia, he suddenly said to a woman who had been talking for a long time.

“Do you know what verbal diarrhea is?”

He wasn’t angry with the person, he didn’t want to be rude, he just said it plainly. Then she stopped the conversation naturally, which had not stopped before, very frankly.

He knew how to enjoy life. He enjoyed good food and listening to beautiful music, especially Mozart.
One night when Ihaleakala was a guest in our home, he helped me casually as he always did, but this time he took out the trash and I noticed that he even polished the inside of the trash can. I was surprised and asked him, “What are you doing?
He said, “This trash can asked me to clean it, so I did it.

The image I have of him is that he was always responsible for cleaning what was in front of him at any given time. But it was as quiet and natural as breathing. Watching him, I was deeply convinced that cleaning memories is surely such a way of aligning with one’s true identity and allowing freedom of all other identities as well.

I don’t feel shortchanged in not being able to see him. I am grateful for the constant cleaning he has been doing. 
It is beyond comprehension how much freedom he has brought to me and the entire universe through his cleaning and letting go of everything he has held and encountered as a human being.

Ihaleakala always said.

“Thank you for this opportunity of one more chance to clean.
Here we are face to face. you and your family.”

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. In 1983, she attended a SITH mini-lecture given by Morrnah on the island of Oahu and has been a staff member ever since. She was one of the few who received training as an instructor directly from Morrnah. She is a professor and music director at Mesa College in San Diego, California, and in recent years has taken up painting, inspired by cleaning, which has been the subject of several exhibitions. Click here to read a related interview with Momilani Ramstram.

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