Looking back now, I realize that I have not had many conversations with Ihaleakala. Many of my deepest experiences with him were not verbal, but rather an experience that allowed me to get in touch with my own original inner connection during the time that he was constantly cleaning every moment of the day.

I traveled with Ihaleakala not only to Japan, but also to Taiwan, Korea, China, Los Angeles, and many other places. In every mode of transportation, whether by plane, bullet train, or cab, he was always just silently cleaning.

I would think about what was coming up next, for example, if Ihaleakala had an interview scheduled, and I would think about the arrangements, but in the silence that he created, I would naturally reflect and get back into the flow of cleaning what was going on, my thoughts, and feelings. And always, beyond the cleaning process, there were wonderful interviews and ideas waiting for us that could only be called unexpected inspirations.

As I cleaned my life with the goal of realizing my own or someone else’s expectations, I experienced a flow that was much greater than that, a flow prepared by the Divinity, and it brought me back to freedom, trust, and security in my attitude that I would manage to survive this life.

In magazine interviews, Ihaleakala often uses the example of Native Americans, saying, “Native Americans left no footprints. Through cleaning, we can clean the footprints we leave all over the universe with our thoughts, words, and actions.”

I went into his room to carry his suitcase as he checked out of his hotel after his tour. No matter how long he stayed in any country, his room was in exactly the same condition as the first. Everything was always back to normal, making me wonder where in the world he had slept. Moreover, the room was so light and full of peace that I myself felt it had been completely cleaned.
Each time I witnessed the hotel room, each bed, each chair, and even each member of the hotel staff, mysteriously filled with peace and kindness by the time Dr. Hew Len left the hotel, I was deeply and profoundly healed, realizing that his words, “Peace begins with me,” had come true.

Betty Pua Taira

Betty Pua Taira, SITH Ho’oponopono Asia Representative, flew to LA in May 2007, met Dr. Hew Len at SITH Ho’oponopono class , and held the first class in Asia in Tokyo in November of the same year. Since then, she has organized classes in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

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