I want to always remain in a state where I don’t know what is actually happening in response to the events that occur. It is more important that everything naturally unfolds through the sacred rhythm of Ho’oponopono in the open space created by cleaning, rather than solidifying judgments about how things will change and how I will feel about them. Even in the face of the event of Ihaleakala’s departure, what I can do is continue cleaning my own experiences and take responsibility through Ho’oponopono for memories and thoughts. That is the best course of action I can take from now on.

When Ihaleakala first attended classes, despite coming with his own will, he would often turn back midway and repeatedly visit the classes without getting discouraged. He later told me, years after, that it seemed like he was creating an invisible barrier against the new experiences he was having, despite his extensive knowledge and previous life as a doctor.

Everyone has their own way of evolving. Ihaleakala achieved his own evolution within his own path. That is his greatest achievement. It is different from mine, and his evolution has meaning because it is his own. It is as precious as the evolution of each person reading this. No one can compare themselves to anyone else.

When we are consciously aware of what we are doing, we rarely tap into our talents. When we are released from memories, things simply happen as a flow. What makes Ihaleakala inspiring to us is not just what he said or did, but the fact that he always lived within the realm of SITH Ho’oponopono, experiencing inspiration through living it. 

Ihaleakala often said to me,

“We’re gonna clean our way through this.”

For me, Ihaleakala’s words have been a great help in all aspects of life. When problems arise, when I have to deal with neighbors in a lawsuit, when I find myself in a difficult situation, his words have always helped me to return to my work before being caught up in emotions and thoughts.

There are times when problems cannot be resolved overnight. Some people think that cleaning can avoid lawsuits and problems. However, through cleaning, if it is necessary to go through those situations, I want to clean there. That is the purpose of that moment for me. When problems arise, I am given the opportunity to reclaim my true self. It may sometimes feel like the only correct path is the one without obstacles, but it is within the bumps and unevenness that my path exists. It all depends on whether I clean and return to my Self I-Dentity.

It’s Art versus Artist.
Are you interested in the artist or the Art?

He accomplished great deeds, but through living as himself, he ultimately created Art. Living as himself is his purpose. We were able to receive the Art that was born through his living as inspiration. That inspiration allows each of us to live as our true selves, not to become like him. I offer eternal gratitude for the chance I was given to live as my true self through Ihaleakala’s self-cleaning.


With this article, we conclude the series of interviews in memory of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, which we have shared over 18 installments. I sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the interviews. It is my hope that this interview will support your cleaning and provide insights to reclaim your true self.

Peace begins with me.
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