Have you ever felt as if your inner self was painted in the same color, unable to find any variety or excitement, surrounded by the same people, in the same environment, and following the same routine every day, all while carrying stress and problems? Have you ever thought that this color, seemingly predetermined from long ago, represents the shape of your heart and yourself?

However, this is an illusion. The true self is a zero, a pure and innocent existence. It is a free being that cannot be stained by any color, a soul without limits, unable to be confined into any shape. That is you.

Yet, why do we continue to feel this heaviness every day? When was the last time you were truly moved by joy or novelty?

To change your life, you need to change inside. To achieve this internal change, and to become aware of it, what you can do is cleaning. Clean with the events that unfold before your eyes every day, and clean with how your heart perceives them, no matter how negative the reaction may be.

It’s like the moment a river blocked by rocks finds its flow again once the obstruction is removed. This change will first be perfectly reflected inside you and then in the outside world.

Peace begins with me.
Christine Leimakamae Chu

Christine Leimakamae Chu attended her first Ho’oponopono class in 1998 and currently teaches classes in the United States and Canada. She is raising three children, working as an accountant, and practicing Ho’oponopono daily in her parenting and in her work. Click here to read an interview with Christine

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