There is a common saying when discussing health and beauty:

“You are what you eat”

It means that what you consume daily shapes your current and future health. Borrowing from the words of Ho’oponopono, your present and future self are shaped by the thoughts or memories you hold at this moment. What you feel, think, and what crosses your mind today will begin to manifest in your physical body and reality in various forms.

Such is the impact. The irritation you feel while shopping, the anxiety when hearing about a friend’s updates, the taste of food being delicious or not, the comfort or tightness of your clothes—all these thoughts and sensations come from memories, and at the same time, they express themselves in your body, hair texture, organ function, the strength of your legs and back, and so on. Conversely, we are given the opportunity to clean through these sensations, allowing us to express the perfect body that was originally given to us.

Jean Nakasato

Jean Nakasato Living in Oahu, she has been practicing SITH Ho’oponopono for over 30 years in both her personal and professional life, having met and engaged with Morrnah on Maui in 1982. As an Education Specialist for the Hawaii State Department of Education, she worked to improve the environment of educational facilities in Hawaii. Click here to read a related interview with Jean Nakasato

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