Happy Mother’s Day to all who live this day

When father, mother, and child are one, when the inner family is one, you, as the original holy being, are the light of this universe, said the late Morrnah Simeona.

Whatever relationship you have had with your inner child, Unihipili, even if it has not always been a pleasant one, as the only mother to your Unihipili until today, you have experienced all the emotions and memories that your inner child shows you, and you have lived with them.

This is due to the support of the maternal workings within all men and women, young and old.
You are able to do the cleaning thanks to the part of the Mother that you perceive within you.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day.

Today, by remembering the presence of Unihipili, by being mindful, and by cleaning, why not send a bouquet of love to the entire universe through you?