Thank you very much 2023.


How many thoughts are currently active in your mind?

What to have for lunch, what’s in the fridge, how to spend the New Year’s Eve. Feeling burdened about spending it with family. Missing family members no longer with us. Disliking the cold. Worried about weight. Foot pain. Thirsty. Not wanting to take the train. Uninteresting TV… Thoughts, ideas, and feelings appear, vanish, and then new ones arise.

Even so, we are only able to grasp about 15 bits of information out of 11 million in a single second. This means we are constantly living with countless memories that form the basis of our thoughts.

When we wake up in the morning, drink coffee, read, study, take exams, visit someone, pick up our children, prepare meals, watch movies, receive massages, even when welcoming the New Year.

Even when we want to start anew, we realize that we are carrying an innumerable past memory. What we can do is to start cleaning whenever we notice, using our favorite cleaning tools. Just like we have favorite cleaning tools, pillows, and mattress firmness, we have numerous cleaning tools at our disposal. Simply cleaning in the way we feel like at the moment brings ‘now’ back to us.
Isn’t that more wonderful than any elaborate method to welcome the New Year?

This Thanksgiving, I spent five days at a beach house with my large family: my husband, our seven children and their partners, and fifteen grandchildren, totaling thirty-one people. During those five days, I made sure to complete each day with the prayer of ‘The Peace Of “I”’. I did this at the end of meals and other times too. Using this tool was wonderful.

Especially helpful on the morning we were leaving, heading home. We rented four rooms, and normally the departure would be chaotic, hurrying to prepare and drive home, often forgetting the joy of the trip. But as I focused on cleaning, my family found perfect ways to pack up the beach house smoothly. Even the little kids were clear about their preparations. Surprisingly, we avoided the usual traffic jams, making it the smoothest family trip ever. I’m truly grateful for the ability to use cleaning tools. Just one tool can be used for the entire day. And from this, I remembered the importance of completing this year.

Yes, I can complete the end of the year like this trip, through cleaning.

I am sincerely grateful for each of your cleanings. Your freedom and peace bless your family, society, myself, my family, and the entire universe.

Mary Koehler


At this moment, as we welcome a new year, I feel less anxious than before. If I were to scrutinize closely, I might find several reasons to be anxious. Perhaps I would feel more anxious. However, through cleaning, I’ve learned and changed. I’ve realized that all problems lie within me, and so do the solutions. Indeed, we can use this wonderful and practical tool for problem-solving anytime, under any circumstances.

In the new year, we can continue to use this tool (the method of cleaning). Realizing that things I thought were left undone this year, and my anxieties for the next year, are all things I can clean with right now, even if I clean just one thing, at that moment, I am no longer with my anxiety. Whether it’s looking forward to my grandson’s wedding or worrying about my own health, no matter what appears before me, I can proceed on my path using this cleaning. And that is my truth.

Whatever happens at this moment, the best way forward is to progress through each moment, each day, with cleaning. I can clean with my expectations, hopes, fears, any thoughts, even the notion that I should be a certain way towards myself. Because that is what my memories are telling me. We don’t really know what is right or perfect. With each act of cleaning, a change occurs within us.

Have you ever thought about what age you should be to become such a person? Have you held ideals or expectations about your age? Since meeting the late Morrnah Simeona in 1975, I have been practicing cleaning for 48 years. During this time, each year, as I face the end and beginning of the year, there have been years when I imagined a bright future, and years when I was fed up with the repetitive cycle, holding negative thoughts. Yet, the reason for cleaning is to live the unique beauty of my life, beyond the concept of age, in this very moment.

Even so, when we’re with unrewarded feelings, situations, difficulties, and find it hard to clean or move forward, it might be because we’ve forgotten to talk to Unihipili. No matter how much we want to hide our feelings from others, if we can be honest in our dialogue with Unihipili, we can unlock the key to touching our ‘true selves.’ The self thus revealed is just perfect, in touch with the love and gratitude that should have always been there. 

I hope that all of you can be with peace at all times.

My peace,

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