Thank you very much 2022.

Dear All,
Mary Koehler sent us a message for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

How are you doing with the year 2022 about to be completed?
I asked the Divinity directly, “How can I close the year 2022?
And the answer I received was to clean out my closet. The more I cleaned, the more I felt the path open up for me.

How will you be celebrating the New Year?
If we are free to follow our inspiration and practice what we can do now, maybe it will be much easier to take the next step than the way we are limited by our thoughts.

At the end of the year, the regrets that have built up over the past year and the anxieties for the coming year can seem to be weighing on us.
For me, the biggest anxiety of the past year has been about my parents.
This year, my 95-year-old mother and 92-year-old father left their familiar home and moved into a nursing home.
My father seemed to be enjoying his new life from the beginning. On the other hand, it was clear that my mother had many complaints.

She had never complained much in the past, but to be honest, I was very puzzled to hear her complaining on the phone every time she called.
It was very interesting to think of her and to clean with my anxiety and other emotions.
I wondered to myself, what memories in my subconscious was making me see my mother having such a complaint.

They have been living in the nursing home for almost a year now, and sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had not known about the cleaning process.
And then, as I go through the process of cleaning, the most unexpected questions suddenly appear in my mind.
I experienced that my anxiety was naturally digested in the conversation that started by actually asking my mother such questions as, “How did my mother raise her children back then?

Sometimes my mother could not answer my questions directly because she could not remember things from her past, but it did not matter.
Whenever something of genuine interest in my mother arose within me, I would have a fresh conversation with her, and we would share time together, freeing each other from the anxiety of yesterday, how our days had been, and what the future might hold. I experienced the return of my true love.
My mother, as a woman, was able to talk to me in an engaging and childlike way, which brought freshness back into her days. It is a quality of time that would be difficult for me to enjoy if I were stuck in my thoughts.

As we grow older, we may experience great resistance to change. It is at times like these that I can’t help but feel grateful for the miraculous experience that the practice of Ho’oponopono gives me in the present moment.

The holiday season is a time for family gatherings in the U.S.
I have 7 children and 14 grandchildren, each with their spouses. Since we have not been able to get together due to Corona in the past, this year we are gradually getting together at my family’s house in the woods outside of the city.
Originally, with Ho’oponopono, I have realized the importance of cleaning beforehand when we gather, no matter how much we are a family, or rather, because we are a family.
However, I would like to share with you a story about this past September, when my daughter and her family and a few of us spent a vacation at our forest home and were struck by an unexpected emotion.

My husband, daughter and her husband, and grandchildren were spending their time in the house, but my daughter left them to go hiking in the woods.

It was obvious that she had no intention of doing this, but I gradually became angry that no one had called out to me.
I felt a surge of anger at being forced to take care of my grandchildren as a matter of course, and to my surprise, I was swallowed up by my emotions.
I went into the room alone for about an hour to do some cleaning, and I was so overwhelmed by the emotions that I was feeling at the time that I began to do cleaning.

It was a truly gratifying experience for me. I was given the opportunity to clean so much anger, loneliness, and many other negative emotions because I had not been invited.
After an hour, I naturally felt calm and cheerful again. In fact, I felt lighter and freer than ever before.
I am sure that I could not have done this without cleaning if I had complained directly to my daughter about her not inviting me, or if I had tried to be honest and share my feelings with her.

In our minds, we tend to criticize and judge, and we tend to make endless speeches about how we should have done things differently or how we could have been more considerate, but if we take a step back and return to the path of cleaning, we realize that these feelings were there in the first place. We tend to see the person who started it as the problem, but even if it wasn’t my daughter, I am sure my husband would have shown me this memory somewhere.

It was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience again how freeing it can be to look at yourself first when you have experienced being mistreated.
I didn’t talk to them about it until after they returned home. At that time, after the cleaning, I just felt at ease and complete.
The results of the cleaning and what follows from inspiration will be different each time, but the benefits of cleaning first and taking care of yourself are immeasurable at all times.

To everyone in Asia, thank you so much for the opportunity to clean this past year.
I would like to share with you now, at this time, the fact that when someone cleans, the benefit is surely brought to someone else in this world.
This past year in particular has been a turbulent time, and I feel that it has greatly affected the corona and social conditions in the city where I live and the city where my family lives.
In the midst of all this, I feel the power and beauty of the fact that I am practicing cleaning in this world and at the same time someone somewhere is cleaning, and that this is going around and influencing all beings.
One day, when I saw my own grandchildren playing casually, I was reminded of this, and somehow deeply realized that through this “certain cleaning,” their memories were also being removed, and there was a moment that brought tears to my eyes.

Please accept my best wishes that you all will pass the New Year with peace.

Mary Koehler

Please use this information for your daily cleaning.
SITH Ho’oponopono Asia Office

Mary Koehler Lives in Portland, Oregon. Master Coordinator of Self-Identity Through Ho’oponopono at IZI LLC.
She attended her first class in 1997 and one year later began coordinating classes in Oregon, USA. Since then, she has traveled around the world with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Click here to read an interview with Mary Koehler