Thank you very much 2022.

Year-end and New Year’s messages

I always get a little scared when the new year is about to begin.
Will everyone in my family be safe and healthy? What kind of year will it be?
When I find myself in such a situation, I am given the opportunity to clean with the past, present, and future at the same time by cleaning myself as I experience it.

Morrnah often used the following metaphor of Ho’oponopono during her lifetime.
Continuing the cleaning process is like peeling an onion, layer by layer.

One day, a few years after I started cleaning, there was about 12 inches of snow in front of our house in the Philadelphia suburbs where I lived at the time, due to the daily snowstorms.
My job while my husband and children were at work and school was to continue shoveling the snow in front of the garage anyway so that the car carrying them could get back inside.
It was an experience that gave me a very physical sense of exactly what it was like to practice cleaning.
As I shoveled snow day after day, there were times when no matter how hard I tried to dig out the hardened snow, it just wouldn’t budge, and then the next moment, a chunk of snow would break off and the shoveling would proceed in one fell swoop.
The snow shovel missed the target by a wide margin, missed by a small margin, and sometimes even reached the bottom of the shovel successfully.
No matter how it worked, as long as I kept taking action, change was happening. Each of my actions up to that point was making a difference. That is exactly what happened to me when I was doing cleaning.
I am recalling with the cleaning as a fresh experience at this very moment, an event from the past that brought me to an important realization in the cleaning that I continue to do today.

I first encountered Self-Identity Through Ho’oponopono in 1980 and have been cleaning for 42 years.
Through the cleaning, I have learned to love myself more. And I have learned to love my neighbors more.
My neighbors are my family, my friends, people on the street, mountains, rivers, oceans, and roads.
Right here, right now, with myself and the cleaning tools of Ho’oponopono in front of me and the freedom to practice them, I can choose peace and balance, no matter what the circumstances.
My connection to myself and to the Divine is my connection to all beings in the world.

We can strive to bring balance back to our minds, bodies, and spirits, even if it is only for a moment each day.
Whatever problems may appear, we can introspect ourselves through Ho’oponopono and clean with the judgments that continually appear. Because the “true self” can only exist out of love, not judgment.

I am deeply grateful for this day when I can choose to live our self-identity.

May each of you reading this be with rhythm, peace, freedom, and balance.
And may you find “joy” on the Divine Path in every moment.


Please use this information for your daily cleaning.
SITH Ho’oponopono Asia Office

Ms. Weber’s husband was a television and radio producer.
As the couple traveled across the U.S. visiting famous spiritual healers, on one trip to Hawaii, they were unable to meet the famous kahuna they had originally hoped to see on the trip. However, someone introduced her to a kahuna named Morrnah by chance.
Although their first encounter was by chance, they were so fascinated by the healing power of Morrnah that they began bringing various people from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii.
A few years later, at the suggestion of the couple and with the inspiration of Morrnah, Morrnah traveled to the U.S. mainland, and SITH Ho’oponopono spread throughout the world.