Are you judging problems based on their size or severity? Do you feel guilty about being troubled by things that seem minor or insignificant? What really happens in your subconscious when you or someone else says, “Don’t fret over such trivial matters,” trying to forcibly forget or overcome them with positive thoughts?

In Ho’oponopono, any problem, regardless of its nature, is addressed by looking inward, not outward. It’s a process of cleaning all logic, assumptions, thoughts, and emotions, and approaching the forgotten inner child, Unihipili.

Why is this important? 
Because it holds the key to everything we desire.

– all these are possible when Unihipili feels balanced and loved.

Recently, a friend and her grandchildren visited my home in Hawaii. One evening, they surprised me with a birthday celebration, complete with a candle-lit cake. My reaction was not simply one of happiness. I found myself crying, but these were not just tears of emotion. Having lived away from family for years, the unfamiliarity of being celebrated was almost shocking. Along with my tears, I experienced surprise, fear, unfamiliarity, loneliness, joy, excitement, and a myriad of other emotions and memories from my subconscious.
I expressed my gratitude to those who celebrated with me and communicated to Unihipili that I was accepting my true feelings and reactions at that moment and that they could be cleaned.

For me, cleaning is not about interpreting or judging whatever I feel at any moment in life, not just during dramatic tragedies. It starts with acknowledging these feelings with Unihipili, without judgment. By simply witnessing and cleaning, things start to change in ways beyond my understanding.

We often strive to reduce problems, overcome them, and become stronger in our daily lives. But knowing that even the smallest issue is an opportunity to reconcile with your Unihipili, we can feel freedom in the face of problems. Shame, fear, helplessness, and despair towards problems can always be let go.

Ho’oponopono is the path for me, a way to move forward from where I am now.

Waialea Craven X

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WAI’ALE’A CRAVEN X resides in Hawaii. She first learned SITH Ho’oponopono directly from Morrnah in Pennsylvania 37 years ago and has since participated as a staff member in Hawaii, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. She has primarily practiced Ho’oponopono in her support work with individuals with disabilities. As a single mother, she raised three sons and now continues to practice Ho’oponopono in her relationships with her grandchildren. Click here to read an interview with WAI’ALE’A CRAVEN X

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