I attended KR online lecture in Korea this July.
A few years ago, when KR came to Korea, I had participated in her lecture. However, I can’t remember why I decided to join again this time. I suspect it was due to the issues with a small property my parents own in another area, which I felt needed cleaning.

Through this lecture, I was introduced to a “cleaning tool”.
Three days later, I visited the said property alongside my mother to assess its condition.

In the days leading up to our visit, my mother had expressed concerns regarding the building. In particular, she was stressed about the tenant of the store on the second floor.
Furthermore, she hoped to find a tenant for a small space near the entrance on the first floor but was having difficulty finding interested parties.

The building faces annual issues of leaks, and its internal steel framework is rusting. In the restaurant on the first floor, there was a sizable bucket placed centrally to collect the dripping water.
In July, a local festival took place. However, due to poor weather conditions, there were few tourists, and I heard the business wasn’t going well.

I went to greet the store on the second floor, which was considered to be the most problematic.
Though the store hadn’t opened for the day and appeared somewhat unkempt, it gave an impression of being healthily maintained. Watching the store owner and employees clean, I felt that they truly loved and were dedicated to their store.

At this store, I used the cleaning tool introduced in KR’s previous online lecture to perform a cleaning process.
I visualized the store filling with rainbow-colored balloons, imagining them floating from my hands to touch the store’s ceiling.
To do cleaning for this property, I gathered details like the address, land and building registries, and the names of the tenants.

Two weeks later, which is today, my mother updated me on her conversation with the tenant on the second floor.
The store is prospering, with the tenant expressing a desire to stay for “another five years” and also showing interest in renting the vacant space on the first floor.

Although repairs for the building’s leakage are currently underway, it was heartening to know some of my parents’ concerns were being addressed.
After attending the lecture, not only did I have a meaningful cleaning experience with the building, but other positive developments occurred as well.

If I find myself in a better financial position, I’d like to apply for Absentee Body Work and land cleaning.

I also intend to thoroughly address and resolve my own financial concerns by cleaning.

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