Have you ever felt the need for a sense of purpose and accomplishment in life?
Have you ever found it hard to accept that you have lost interest in the new but not new days that come and go?
Even the guilt, disgust, and regret you feel about it are actually due to memories you have carried around from long ago.
If cleaning can help you reclaim your role in the world, wouldn’t you like to try it?

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. In 1983, she attended a SITH mini-lecture given by Morrnah on the island of Oahu and has been a staff member ever since. She was one of the few who received training as an instructor directly from Morrnah. She is a professor and music director at Mesa College in San Diego, California, and in recent years has taken up painting, inspired by cleaning, which has been the subject of several exhibitions. Click here to read a related interview with Momilani Ramstram.


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