What would you do if you discovered a problem with your child? Everyone would likely try to do the best they can at that moment. But what specific actions would you take? Would you have a thorough conversation with your child? Would you expose them to helpful activities and experiences? Would you seek assistance from the school or other educators? Would you change the environment? Would you seek advice from specialists?

As parents and adults who watch over and nurture the child, we make choices from a multitude of options and hold high expectations for them. However, when problems persist and progress is not visible, feelings of despair, anger, or sadness may arise.

In such times, what is actually happening to us, the adults, rather than the child? Jean, who has been an educator for many years, discusses the approaches she has taken as solutions to these situations.

Jean Nakasato Living in Oahu, she has been practicing SITH Ho’oponopono for over 30 years in both her personal and professional life, having met and engaged with Morrnah on Maui in 1982. As an Education Specialist for the Hawaii State Department of Education, she worked to improve the environment of educational facilities in Hawaii. Click here to read a related interview with Jean Nakasato


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