You are ‘life’ itself. Something indispensable.

If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.

Hawaii Living Treasure
Morrnah Simeona


‘Dewdrops of Wisdom’ free reading study begins.

This book was compiled in the 1980s from the essence that emerged through meditation by Morrnah.

It was formed into text during a cleaning process with KR and Dr. Hew Len.


The beginning of ‘Dewdrops of Wisdom’ is written as follows.” Let the DewDrops of Wisdom be a passge into the core of your being. Feel the essence of your being, and know that you are timeless and forever. Hear the eternal voice beckoning you home to the timeless shores of your essence where you shall be now and forever more free 

Now, in the various encounters we have, from where we are now, through cleaning, we will share a space where you can always walk the true path.

What you need to participate:

Based on the pages we will present each week, you have the opportunity to clean your experiences.

The real self is ‘life’ itself, something indispensable. To remember this, let’s start the cleaning work together.”

Thank you very much for this opportunity to clean.
Peace of I


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