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Even a single drop, when it falls upon water, creates ripples that resonate with the entire space. No matter how small the drop, it moistens what is dry.

We never know how even the smallest drop affects the world.

When your drop falls silently into society, what kind of flow will it create?

A drop always falls at the perfect time. The moment it drops, how it affects the movement of a single leaf on the other side of the earth, how it rides on the waves, rustles the feathers of birds, and echoes in the mountains, is beyond our understanding. But for the universe, it is perfect timing.

As we go through the Reading Study of “Dewdrops of Wisdom,” we repeatedly experience each chapter in the book, cleaning with what emerges from our subconscious.

This process is a transformation from wandering in the darkness to being guided by a divine presence, walking your own path. The journey of the drop towards the timeless etheric body begins now.

While observing the heart, we will clean following this guide.

There is no “right” answer.

This is the beginning of the history of cleaning your memory.

You become aware of your heart’s state and clean.

That is the sole purpose.

And for your Unihipili, it’s time to gradually return to the pace of your life, at the speed of the divine intelligence, at the best timing.

Clean with haste.

Clean with expectations.

Clean with judgments.

Memories will be erased.

Memories are being erased.

You now stand before the door of invitation to freedom from judgment.

While you stand here,
on the palm of your divine intelligence,
you simply clean with
what appears,
and clean with
what becomes visible.

Let’s begin.

Thank you.


At the beginning of this chapter, it is written that the meaning of identity in Ho’oponopono is ‘I am the I’ as experienced by oneself.

When do you experience ‘I am the I’?

  • When you excel and are showered with praise by those around you.
  • When you are not involved with anyone else, not concerned with your surroundings, and experiencing time in the way you like.
  • When, no matter how diverse the people around you are, you remain unwavering and firmly possess your own self.

It’s not about saying or deciding ‘I am the I,’ but when do you experience ‘I am the I’?
Let’s take a moment here to reflect on your thoughts.

When you hear the words ‘I am the I,’ what reaction do you have in your body?

Is there tension in your body, a feeling of tight shoulders, or a sense of excitement?
A feeling of being unbeatable, or a sense that you have to compete with others?

In Ho’oponopono, ‘I’ refers to the divine creator.
Our true selves are the whole itself.

There’s no need even to have a boundary line between others and oneself.

When ‘I am the I,’ no matter where you are, you are completely enveloped by the sacred being.

When ‘I am thr I,’ Aumakua, Uhane, and Unihipili act as a trinity, forming a family that operates on the natural rhythm of freedom and peace.

At that time, you are experiencing perfect abundance, peace, health, and creativity.

In all spiritual learnings aimed at returning to peace, words like unity, centering, and so on are spoken about, but what exactly to integrate and getting there can be quite difficult.

However, in Ho’oponopono, we have learned that we can attempt to unify our various selves, and now we practice this each time we choose cleaning.
By working with our Unihipili, we can connect with the above, and this process is a shortcut to balancing our inner selves.

The habit of trying to find peace outside ourselves, wanting a nice car, wanting to live in a big house, wanting a good marriage partner, wanting to be recognized by others, is because we have forgotten ‘I’ and have become separated from the sacred being.

By returning to the attempt to unify our inner family, we can return to ‘I am the I’.

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