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Even a single drop, when it falls upon water, creates ripples that resonate with the entire space. No matter how small the drop, it moistens what is dry.

We never know how even the smallest drop affects the world.

When your drop falls silently into society, what kind of flow will it create?

A drop always falls at the perfect time. The moment it drops, how it affects the movement of a single leaf on the other side of the earth, how it rides on the waves, rustles the feathers of birds, and echoes in the mountains, is beyond our understanding. But for the universe, it is perfect timing.

As we go through the Reading Study of “Dewdrops of Wisdom,” we repeatedly experience each chapter in the book, cleaning with what emerges from our subconscious.

This process is a transformation from wandering in the darkness to being guided by a divine presence, walking your own path. The journey of the drop towards the timeless etheric body begins now.

While observing the heart, we will clean following this guide.

There is no “right” answer.

This is the beginning of the history of cleaning your memory.

You become aware of your heart’s state and clean.

That is the sole purpose.

And for your Unihipili, it’s time to gradually return to the pace of your life, at the speed of the divine intelligence, at the best timing.

Clean with haste.

Clean with expectations.

Clean with judgments.

Memories will be erased.

Memories are being erased.

You now stand before the door of invitation to freedom from judgment.

While you stand here,
on the palm of your divine intelligence,
you simply clean with
what appears,
and clean with
what becomes visible.

Let’s begin.

Thank you.

When do you feel ‘free’?

  • When work is finished
  • When leaving the company
  • On days off
  • When watching TV without anyone saying anything
  • When touching the great nature
  • When spending time freely in a place where no one is
  • When not interfered by family
  • When going on a trip
  • When dancing

Throughout history, people have sought and expressed freedom through music, painting, travel, revolution, and various other means.

Why do people seek freedom?

Why have people risked their lives to achieve freedom?

Ho’oponopono says that when we are our true selves, we live the rhythm of the divine intelligence and are free (zero) from memories.

What is freedom?

It is being your true self.

Freedom is the vibration of life itself, living the true purpose of each of us, known only to the divine intelligence.

There is no actual path or law to become free; it is about letting go of all the memories we have accumulated, such as:

  • Judgment
  • Conflict
  • Enforcement
  • Comparison
  • Separation

When we release these, we can meet the ‘self’ given by the divine intelligence.

Living this is an act of continuous freedom.

Freedom is something we can choose at every moment.

Like the waves of the vast ocean, constantly changing shape and moving, we too are always changing our movements, choosing between states of freedom and its absence.

This may seem restless and overwhelming.

However, beneath these waves, at the foundation, is life perfectly arranged by the divinity, the complete life.

The divinity itself, love itself, is constantly flowing through every one of your cells and consciousness in detail.

The ceaseless freedom is your life.

What stops this flow and makes us experience unfreedom are the memories of judgment, comparison, control, etc., that we have not let go of and accumulated.

Therefore, we are now quietly choosing to create an inner revolution towards freedom, through the method of cleaning these memories.

Every society, family, religion, education, friends, and enemies you stubbornly believed were hindering your freedom, will regain freedom by your choice of freedom.

Allowing freedom to others means removing the handcuffs you’ve long put on yourself, and letting life return to its original rhythm of love and freedom.

What do you choose now?

Liberty of the Spirit
the Death of the Soul.

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