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Even a single drop, when it falls upon water, creates ripples that resonate with the entire space. No matter how small the drop, it moistens what is dry.

We never know how even the smallest drop affects the world.

When your drop falls silently into society, what kind of flow will it create?

A drop always falls at the perfect time. The moment it drops, how it affects the movement of a single leaf on the other side of the earth, how it rides on the waves, rustles the feathers of birds, and echoes in the mountains, is beyond our understanding. But for the universe, it is perfect timing.

As we go through the Reading Study of “Dewdrops of Wisdom,” we repeatedly experience each chapter in the book, cleaning with what emerges from our subconscious.

This process is a transformation from wandering in the darkness to being guided by a divine presence, walking your own path. The journey of the drop towards the timeless etheric body begins now.

While observing the heart, we will clean following this guide.

There is no “right” answer.

This is the beginning of the history of cleaning your memory.

You become aware of your heart’s state and clean.

That is the sole purpose.

And for your Unihipili, it’s time to gradually return to the pace of your life, at the speed of the divine intelligence, at the best timing.

Clean with haste.

Clean with expectations.

Clean with judgments.

Memories will be erased.

Memories are being erased.

You now stand before the door of invitation to freedom from judgment.

While you stand here,
on the palm of your divine intelligence,
you simply clean with
what appears,
and clean with
what becomes visible.

Let’s begin.

Thank you.

When we first learned about Ho’oponopono, it was surprising to realize that Unihipili which we had been avoiding the most, the voice of Unihipili we have been suppressing were actually the most critical keys to solve all our problems.

Upon this realization, do you feel a sense of liberation, or does it feel like you are carrying a heavy debt?

Now, take a deep breath, and in this quiet, protected inner environment—where, if you choose to clean, you are safeguarded because the moment you choose to clean, you connect with the divine intelligence—let’s explore:

  • The voice of Unihipili,
  • What Unihipili has shown you,
  • The things you have kept hidden.

Wouldn’t you like to see what your inner child does with the burdensome clutter they’ve unknowingly accumulated and never learned how to dispose of? This clutter prevents them from playing freely and fully enjoying the sunlight.

Though this journey might feel heavy, by working internally and reaching out to the child within, you realize you can always initiate the solution to your problems.

This is the moment when true life returns.

Please read the sentenses in this chapter that your inner child, Unihipili, offers to your mother aspect Uhane, reflecting on past doubts and joys, and carefully clean wth these feelings.

Also, clean with the enveloped sensation of being held.

For your father aspect, Aumakua, let yourself bathe in the confidence and joy Unihipili feels, stemming from the mother’s return expressed in this sentenses.

Look at what you are now ready to face.

Lastly, rest in the vast embrace of the divine intelligence.

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