To live with the realization that you are not utilizing your talents in this universe, and that you are not in the right place at the right time, creates pain for the soul. Because you are not feeling connected to Divinity, your true life connection.

No one likes to do that. We understand that we are the one who suffers the most from it.
But it is what you have chosen to be. It is what has been replayed because we have chosen memory instead of love.

We live our lives painting memory on top of memory, so much so that we really think we don’t remember such things. As long as judgment after judgment, memory after memory, continues to play out, we will continue to drift away from our own blue prints.
We don’t know what to do. We don’t know the right way. Each time these words are uttered, we must make a constant effort to let them go.

We see “despair” being experienced on a cosmic scale at every corner of the world.
We see it at the edges of the world, in the way you feel when a tragic event occurs in a faraway country, in the way you feel when a stranger is very aggressive toward you when you are just walking down the street, in the way the swings between wealth and poverty, right and wrong, and all the other things we experience every day are so great that it is difficult to grasp the connections and the flow between them.
Still, we must be willing to use our will to clean and let go of what we experience.

Your feelings, despair, and stuckness are an indication that your inner child, Unihipili, is throwing a tantrum. Someone needs to calm it down. Your inner child does not know how to come back from that.

I don’t like living like this!”
I hate them, I hate them all!”

If you are aware of the fact that there is a voice inside you that seems to be overflowing, please don’t just try to get through these days, but open the door and speak to yourself.
Thank you for telling me you have such heavy and painful memories.”
More than a solution or the next goal, what you need most is an opportunity to calm down. It is security and love.
It is you, the one who reaches out to us when we are on unsteady footing that we cannot control.

Please, whatever you are going through right now, do not despair and say, “This is no place for me!” and do not fall off the cliff. Even at the moment you are about to fall off the cliff, you can begin the perfect cleaning from there. The life you seek will be found in the rhythms of the cleaning process.
You will discover goodness, peace, and comfort once again as you step inside yourself. You will find it in the moment when you take the action of letting go of the memory.

Momilani Ramstrum

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. In 1983, she attended a SITH mini-lecture given by Morrnah on the island of Oahu and has been a staff member ever since. She was one of the few who received training as an instructor directly from Morrnah. She is a professor and music director at Mesa College in San Diego, California, and in recent years has taken up painting, inspired by cleaning, which has been the subject of several exhibitions. Click here to read a related interview with Momilani Ramstram.

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