When you seek success in society and rich connection with others, it is also a time to look at the fact that you have lost your way and are experiencing loneliness.
Without cleaning, memories get in the way of our ability to truly connect and engage with anything or anyone.

The state of loneliness and lack of purpose no matter where we are or what we are doing is due to a lack of integration of the inner self through the replay of memories.
Behind the experience of feeling as if one is drowning, not having a clear sense of what to do each day, the awareness of trying to shut oneself away from others and society, and not knowing where to turn now, there is a strong belief that the original happy path is “the way it should be.
Memory keeps you out of touch with the colors, messages, and involvements of this world that are actually already being offered to you at this very moment.

Most people want to label their lives. Success, growth, stagnation, failure….
We want to build a plan for the future, make a story of the past, and fit the path we are on into one shape or another.
But for me, reclaiming the true path means discovering peace and love in this world now, and witnessing it in every moment. It doesn’t matter what path it is.

Much of the time we tend to lock ourselves away through what others think of us and through our prejudices, but what we really need to do is care for ourselves and get to know ourselves.
Whether you are panicking, angry, despairing, depressed, hopeful, jealous, comparing, or whatever other feelings you may have, just acknowledge that you have those feelings inside of you and clean with them.
Success means that when you look around you, you can find peace, gratitude, and love there.

On my desk in my study at home, I always have a Tea Cozy (teapot cover) that a friend from India bought me as a souvenir. It is colorfully decorated with lovely elephants in softly colored embroidery threads.
I use it at my desk when I drink tea, and I really appreciate the elephant-shaped tea cozy.
Whenever something happens, I look at it and accept what appears in my mind from its beautiful embroidery design. In doing so, I am reminded of the fact that I am showing up in my life as I should, and that Divinity is, in fact, always providing me with perfection.

In between the dishes, on the commute to work, while cleaning the garden, or any other minor daily event, introspection, asking what is going on inside of me, cleaning with it, and reconnecting with Divinity is something we can work on ourselves.

Judgment and criticism never cease in our thoughts, like a curse from memory.
Still, we can take a few moments to clean with it.
The method is simple. We say to ourselves, “I love you.
Then take a breath and repeat it for each thought that comes up.

I have a friend who is a newlywed and a young father raising a four-month-old baby. He is doing his best to take care of his wife and baby, but one day he was very tired.
At that moment, he was experiencing not only physical exhaustion, but also a small sense of despair, not knowing where to go from here.
He really needed to take care of himself first, even if it meant raising a baby.
He fights every day for the wonderful things of those he loves, but still, it is his job to tak
e the most care of self.
When self-sacrifice is experienced in you, whatever cause it is for you, it is painful for Unihipili. If you let it be, the results will be terrible. This is true for other things as well.
No matter what your goal is, whether at work, supporting your family, or doing something for the world, the indicators should always be aligned with the child within.

Morrnah once said.

“Time for sacrifice is over.”

Whenever I become aware of self-sacrifice, I always say to myself, 
“Thank you. I love you.
“Thank you for being here in this moment.

and keep repeating it.

Finding the Divinity in every being, in every event, is the greatest purpose of life and the constant gift of life.
That gift is of course being given to you in the present moment, but you are not experiencing it because your thoughts are already occupied with judgment, criticism, anger, fear, and loneliness.

Every being has a purpose for being here now. The greatest purpose is to witness love and gratitude in the world. It can only be manifested through cleaning ourselves.

Momilani Ramstrum

Momilani Ramstrum, Ph.D. In 1983, she attended a SITH mini-lecture given by Morrnah on the island of Oahu and has been a staff member ever since. She was one of the few who received training as an instructor directly from Morrnah. She is a professor and music director at Mesa College in San Diego, California, and in recent years has taken up painting, inspired by cleaning, which has been the subject of several exhibitions. Click here to read a related interview with Momilani Ramstram.

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