In business class, first and foremost, we learn from the foundation of self-identity.

Whether it’s relationships or financial matters, the key to problem-solving is returning to the source.

If you are facing any issues in business or work right now, it’s a significant opportunity to introspect. It means a door to connect with your essence has appeared before you.

The business class is the opportunity to find the Divinity within, to initiate this discovery.

Using the business processes taught in the class helps to reveal and align the real relationships beyond what you think is related to the problems you experience with work, money, and your financial situation.

I practice business processes daily, and now money speaks to me. It’s an overwhelming experience.

Truly understanding that money has an identity has dramatically changed how I connect with the world and my work.

Through everything, it's about remembering the love within. Money, colleagues, bosses, and projects all have identities, and through them, we reclaim ourselves. That's the true way to be in business.

Losing sight of this leads to all sorts of problems.

In business class, we learn to restore the relationship between you and your business to its original sacred state.

Irene Schwonek

Irene Schwonek attended the Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono SITH® class in 2009. Irene has raised two children and is also a master LomiLomi practitioner, author, and a TV-producer for a children’s channel in Munich. Click here to read an interview with Irene Schwonek

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