When I first encountered SITH Ho’oponopono, I was a single mother raising three sons. Financially unstable and mentally depressed, raising young children was a daily struggle requiring immense effort. It felt like walking alone on an endless, futile path with no goal in sight. Those who have experienced depression might understand this state: no matter how much you need to focus or want to relax, waves of ups and downs relentlessly come, regardless of your will.

One day, a woman appeared in my dream.
“I’m coming to meet you. I’ll bring something important for you,” she said to me. When I woke up, I clearly understood that this woman was Morrnah, the instructor and founder of the Ho’oponopono class I was about to attend.

I drove three and a half hours from my home to the class in Philadelphia, entrusting my three sons to my sister. After the first day of class, I drove back home at night, spending the same amount of time on the road. I spent the next day in the same way. There, I realized what the constant feeling of lack within me was about. It wasn’t about filling it, but about integrating and meeting my true self through this process. I found the only path to regain light, regardless of instability.
Since then, I have become a staff member of the class, teaching this process within the class, leading to where I am today.

Even now, I sometimes feel anxious, as if life has come to a dead end, or struggle in interactions with others. No matter how bewildered I am in desperate situations, practicing Ho’oponopono helps me realize that my rhythm has changed from being stuck. We often try hard to change our current problems as quickly as possible, but altering the rhythm of the self that is experiencing these problems brings a much richer and more peaceful outcome.

Since encountering Ho’oponopono, I haven’t used antidepressants once, and it’s been 37 years. I never insisted on not using medication, but by continuously cleaning, the rhythm of my life and the rhythm of the medication no longer aligned.

When choosing Ho’oponopono as a tool for solving problems, no matter the amount or quality of the problems, change will surely manifest through you. When our identity regains its original rhythm, we are freed from the beliefs of impossibility and expectations, and as children given life in this universe, we can live our true energy.

Waialea Craven X

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WAI’ALE’A CRAVEN X resides in Hawaii. She first learned SITH Ho’oponopono directly from Morrnah in Pennsylvania 37 years ago and has since participated as a staff member in Hawaii, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. She has primarily practiced Ho’oponopono in her support work with individuals with disabilities. As a single mother, she raised three sons and now continues to practice Ho’oponopono in her relationships with her grandchildren. Click here to read an interview with WAI’ALE’A CRAVEN X

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