Please remember a heartbreak. The reactions happening within you right now, triggered by that painful event, are also connected to it. However, there’s something we want to explore here. Even if the wounded self is still there, and it has remained in the same state for a few days, a week, or a month, the memories replayed in your unconscious mind, your Unihipili, are different between yesterday and today.

Therefore, every time you choose to clean and release, your soul, the “you,” is evolving with each choice. Regardless of how much pain you experience, how lonely or miserable you feel, or how powerless you seem to be, it is possible to bring about change through the choices you make in those moments.

In both private consultation and classes, many seek to resolve their current issues and break free from their suffering. Simultaneously, they often seek a miraculous manual that answers how these issues can be resolved and what it means to break free from suffering. It seems that they often don’t turn their mental focus to anything else.

However, if, during such times, you knew how to ride the waves of cleaning, we could break free from being captivated by the magic named miracles, and we could live as our true selves, where every moment is a miracle itself.

Even while carrying pain, knowing that it is something constantly changing, and knowing how to deal with it, we are not imprisoned by that pain. Simultaneously, we can touch the depths of ourselves and the depths of life beyond imagination. In any life, there is always a depth and meaning beyond what we comprehend. 

Everyone gets hurt for various reasons. However, when we release the idea that these wounds are caused by something we’ve justified and instead surrender to the Ho’oponopono process, true healing occurs.

Nello Ceccon

Nello Ceccon – After working for many years as a technical director for a huge company, he was considering a career change to reevaluate his life, and 10 years ago he encountered SITH Ho’oponopono class. He worked for five years as a management consultant at Arthur Andersen (now Accenture), one of the world’s five largest accounting firms, and then for 12 years led a consultancy for a major European metal manufacturer, after which he became a board member. He is currently a Technical Advisor in the Department of Civil Litigation, where he makes technical decisions on business litigation and trial review arising between companies within the courtroom. Click here to read a related interview with Nello Ceccon. For more information and to register for private sessions, please click here.

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