A lotus flower blooms out of the mud.
When we are doing Ho’oponopono, we are in the same state of mind. The light shines once again on the seemingly muddy, problem-filled situation, and the energy is working to bring the flower of our “true self” to the surface.

You will find one thing after another that will prove that you are not perfect, that you are not even in your original form, just like a quagmire, and you will gradually lose confidence in yourself when you think that this is who you are.
But the original self is not even the flower itself. The power of life itself, or “Mana,” that keeps the flower alive is what you are.
It does not matter what kind of flower blooms. The solution to the problem starts with the knowledge that you are the energy itself, the root of life.
While you are thinking about what kind of flower to bloom and when to bloom it, there will be no self-affirmation within you.
By becoming aware of the muck swirling around you and cleaning with it as best you can in this moment, you will find at its center your true self, the light itself, unshakable in any situation. In other words, you will always find the best path through your true self, even in the midst of difficulties.
Your true self is the ultimate compass you have been looking for. Remember that it is alive and breathing in the present moment.

When you are cleaning your difficulties, you are contributing to this entire universe. Awaken your life from memory and bring it back to the present, and the rhythms of the universe will find their light in you.
Even when you are beaten down with loneliness and anger, even when you are angry with this life, the Great Nature loves and accepts you whole.
It is when you want to scold yourself so badly that you really want to love yourself deeply.
No matter how bad the situation is, if you can warmly accept it anyway, the love and talent will come back to it.

No matter how much cleaning you do, when it doesn’t work, it is not that the cleaning is failing. It means that you need to go through it.
Sometimes we need to jump into the ocean when we release too many ties inherited from the past. As you swim, you may feel despair at the weight of it all.
It is a sign that the Great Being is telling you that you need to take off the clothes you have been arming yourself with thoughts.
It is useless to try to accept love with knowledge. So, in the process of diving and swimming into this wave, the Great Being is telling you to strip off all your dirty clothes, all the baggage you have thought you needed.

Mahayana I. Dugast

Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D. met SITH Ho’oponopono in 2008. She has three sons and one grandson. She says that her work, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are all in harmony with the blessings of being able to practice the “true self” that she learned at SITH. She attributes her ability to express herself in all three roles with a peaceful heart to the cleaning of each moment. To read the full interview with Mahayana I. Dugast, please click here.

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