What exactly is self-affirmation?
The self that can fight, with others, with this society, with the world, with the economy, etc. Do you think you are the one who can fight even with this society filled with fear?
Do you ever think that when things happen that bring you sadness and pain in unstable situations, you can keep your happiness and stability and affirm yourself if you have something that can trump that, something that can help you win that thing?
What is that something that can affirm you?
Is it something outside of yourself?
Self-affirmation, I know where it is. I know how to get there. I know it is inside of you to begin with.

Self-affirmation is always in connection with the source of all life.
It is always there in you when you are free from error-prone thought-programming. It is always there within you.

That you are loved by nature. That you are love itself, even if you think in your memory that you do not have such love. It can be remembered again if you choose to be free from the memory through cleaning.

When you envision peace for yourself, when you envision confidence, try cleaning with the situations around you that you imagine when they occur. You will be amazed at how much we assume that this is how we are supposed to be happy.
Let’s clean with them once and for all. The original rhythm will return to you, the zero. The self without comparison, judgment, or division. Balance and peace are the keynote of the rhythm.

Let’s clean with the list of things you cannot be happy without, the list of things you need to be yourself. We can clean with something that is not us, something that has grown up vaguely in our minds as we have always vaguely believed that self-affirmation is the key to being happy.

Mahayana I. Dugast

Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D. met SITH Ho’oponopono in 2008. She has three sons and one grandson. She says that her work, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are all in harmony with the blessings of being able to practice the “true self” that she learned at SITH. She attributes her ability to express herself in all three roles with a peaceful heart to the cleaning of each moment. To read the full interview with Mahayana I. Dugast, please click here.

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