When I first met Ho’oponopono, all three of my sons were teenagers and had their own problems.
I was a single mother, so I had a total of nine jobs. It was dizzyingly busy, but I learned that each job had its own identity, and as a result of the cleaning process, I developed a flow that allowed the work to do what it needed to do without having to think about how to make it all work. I no longer saw the hard part of the job. I still wonder how I managed to do 9 jobs at that time.

I was having problems raising my children, and what I would call a replay of memories was happening. But as I practiced what I learned in class, through the problems, the trust that what was best for me was happening came back. It was a path that allowed me to meet my talents, free of the burden of self-doubt and responsibility that I had previously carried.

Cleaning allows me to be open to my past choices and events that were the cause of my regrets. Insecurities and regrets are inherent in us.
When you have even the slightest reaction to something that irritates you, something a person says, does, or is, no matter how trivial it may be in your daily life, such as a family chat, you are touching a memory that has been with you since before your relationship with that person.
Through that experience, through that person, you are in touch with your memories.
Therefore, the only way to solve the problems that appear in this life and to live in touch with true abundance is to know who you really are. The experience of something missing has been with you for a long time.

When we are trying to get pleasure for ourselves, we tend to make a deal: if you do this, I will give you this.
We unknowingly give ourselves the same deal we give our children, that if they do their homework first, they get to play.
Unless you stop yielding to yourself, you will never find true satisfaction in being yourself.
Because Unihipili hears everything. It participates in every action. It is in every corner of every conversation. Therefore, no matter what you do to threaten yourself or in a threatening way, it is painful to Unihipili.
Your real responsibility as a mother part of yourself is to clean with your thoughts, ideas, regrets, and expectations that you feel through your inner child at this very moment.
You simply restore the love between you and your inner child, between you and your work, moment by moment. That is your greatest role.
You can learn in Ho’oponopono how to really listen to what your inner child wants to do.

Mahayana I. Dugast

Mahayana I. Dugast, Ph.D. met SITH Ho’oponopono in 2008. She has three sons and one grandson. She says that her work, motherhood, and grandmotherhood are all in harmony with the blessings of being able to practice the “true self” that she learned at SITH. She attributes her ability to express herself in all three roles with a peaceful heart to the cleaning of each moment. To read the full interview with Mahayana I. Dugast, please click here.

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