As mentioned earlier, despite my experience of overcoming cancer that doctors had deemed unlikely to cure through the practice of Ho’oponopono, my stubborn thoughts still couldn’t stop doubting it.

That’s when I came across evidence provided by a scientist. It showed that data, or memories, appear in your thoughts about five seconds before you consciously recognize them through some experience. This shocking discovery made me realize that we can’t truly make any decisions of our own will. Even things we believe we’ve decided ourselves already exist in our data before we make the decision.

Reading this data made me question: when I think about calling a friend, going to see this movie with my wife, or refueling my car, could it all be due to memories that already existed in my thoughts? I also realized that my cancer, which I had experienced, was already present in my memory before I could think or do anything about it. This realization led me to naturally incorporate Ho’oponopono into my daily life.

For a long time, I had made great efforts to study, build relationships, find a job, and manage my health, striving to make the best choices. But when confronted with the reality that nothing is truly my decision, I didn’t fall into despair because I knew about cleaning. Whenever I wanted to make a choice, a decision, or seek help, the answer was clear: clean, and remain connected to the Divine Creator. All I needed to do was let go of unnecessary memories and remain open to inspiration.

Knowing that I could choose whether to live by memory or by inspiration, I have continued cleaning to this day.

Thanks to SITH Ho’oponopono, no matter what physical or financial problems we face, we now have this wonderful tool to access divine inspiration moment by moment.

J.P. Deluca

Jean-Pierre (JP) Deluca attended his first class of SELF I-DENTITY through HO’OPONOPONO® in 1992 in Boston, MA where he met Dr. Hew Len. He has been using this powerful system, yet, very simple, for many years now and, although at the beginning he was not a believer, he is now 100% committed as he has been benefiting from it in a big way. Click here to read an interview with (JP) Deluca

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