“Cleaning with the experience of wanting something is the ultimate cleaning of the anxiety of feeling something is missing.”

About 12 years ago, I lost all my assets.

I invested everything, including my savings and loans from banks, in the construction business of a man I was dating at the time.

Now that I practice Ho’oponopono, when I look back at myself at that time with cleaning, it becomes clear to me.

The only reason I financially supported my partner’s business was that I wanted to be someone special to him.

I wanted to be an important existence for him and his business.

This was a major reaction to the way I, who originally had low self-esteem, had forced myself into work, my past marriage, and parenting, living while fighting fear.

Supporting my then-partner financially was a misuse of money itself.

Without knowing that money has an identity, and without permission, I handled money for my desires, pretensions, and fears, dictated by the replay of my memories.

As a result, the business did not turn out as initially expected, and I lost my house and car, which I had used as collateral.

And our relationship also ended.

This was the most painful event in my life.

My already shaky confidence completely collapsed, and I felt like I had lost the trust of acquaintances, friends, and family, always accompanied by shame and sorrow.

It was hell itself.

In the midst of this, I encountered a method for solving problems by myself, in the process of healing my inner child, in a Ho’oponopono class introduced by an acquaintance.

Having lost confidence at the time and finding it difficult to work at the TV station where I had been for 30 years, I started cleaning from there.

I began cleaning what I wanted and desired.

The experience of wanting something, such as:

  • Credibility from others
  • Unshakeable confidence as an adult
  • A job envied by others
  • Partnership
  • A job and residence worthy of trust from others

Whether it’s something small or big,

Cleaning what you currently want, what you feel is lacking or missing, is in itself the cleaning of the memories that have been accumulated inside you for years, preventing you from expressing your inherently 100% perfect self.

As adults and members of society, we acquire various skills.

Confident attitudes, postures that garner empathy from others, dignified tones of voice – we believe we are adept at using various aspects without realizing it.

But in fact, our Unihipili, more than the superficial, are clearly receiving what is actually being replayed inside.

It took me ten years to truly recover after losing myself and all my assets.

Some may feel that this is too long, but for me now, it was the best ten years.

It was the best journey to meet myself again, who doesn’t need superficial techniques, who finds fulfillment in work, interacts with people, and can realize things.

Irene Schwonek

Irene Schwonek attended the Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono SITH® class in 2009. Irene has raised two children and is also a master LomiLomi practitioner, author, and a TV-producer for a children’s channel in Munich. Click here to read an interview with Irene Schwonek

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