I encountered Ho’oponopono in 1998. At that time, I was in my 30s, single, living in San Francisco, working for a corporation, and steadily building my career. Though I appeared stable to others, I had lost my balance and was deeply unhappy. Every night after returning from work, I cried. Since then, I had been exploring various things like spirituality and meditation, trying to clear my clouded mind.

One day, a friend introduced me to Ho’oponopono. Honestly, I didn’t understand much in the first class, but I read the manual given in the class as instructed and practiced the cleaning as best as I could. Gradually, I started to feel lighter in my heart and began to pay more attention and care to my feelings.
The change didn’t happen dramatically all at once, but more like a bud slowly unfolding its petals. As I continued cleaning, I waited for something inside me to open up.

Then, through my cleaning, I decided to quit my job and open a flower shop. Everyone was surprised by my decision.
Believing in what was opening up through cleaning, I started studying flower arrangement, listened to my inner voice through cleaning, believed again, and took baby steps, much like a crawling baby, but I kept moving forward.

Step by step,
one step at a time,

Every time worries, changes, and fears of the unknown appeared, I cleaned with them, returned to zero, and kept myself open to inspiration. That was my only job.

We often carry many fears when facing changes, blocking the natural flow and our talents. But when fear appeared, I didn’t resist. I thanked my Unihipili for showing fear and cleaned with it again.
Cleaning erases unnecessary memories, bringing peace back within you. In this process, changes occur. These changes may be subtle and only noticeable to you. Noticing, trusting, and following these changes is the path you’re meant to be on.
There is no other choice but to clean or not to clean. I valued my voice, continued cleaning, and took care of myself.
And now, I am overflowing with gratitude for having my own life, co-parenting with my ex-husband, and following my path.

Christine Leimakamae Chu

Christine Leimakamae Chu attended her first Ho’oponopono class in 1998 and currently teaches classes in the United States and Canada. She is raising three children, working as an accountant, and practicing Ho’oponopono daily in her parenting and in her work. Click here to read an interview with Christine

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