Ho’oponopono is a very simple tool.
Doctors use it, lawyers use it, people who work on water pipes use it, artists use it. I have four children, so I use it when raising them, and I also work in real estate, so I use it to clean with houses and land.

For example, in my daily life, it is my memory that makes me want to buy or eat oranges, so I clean with that and also the sensation of walking to buy oranges.
If you buy and eat oranges without cleaning, maybe the farmer who grew them is suffering from a disease or has a very bad financial situation. Then you might share that memory and suddenly have a stomach ache.
The same goes for money and bills. Whether or not we clean the money we receive or pay the bill after cleaning it can make a difference in what happens afterwards.

In our conscious mind, we do not know where or how cleaning will benefit us. Unihipili knows this and shows us memories, so we clean what we are experiencing, what is around us, what we see and hear, the feelings that arise, and the judgments we make about them.

Then I can feel the various expressions from Unihipili in subtle ways.

By cleaning and going out to buy things, we may be able to avoid having an accident. We will never know if the cleaning saved us, but that is why I like to clean what appears to my senses in advance.

I get up a little earlier in the morning and clean what I am going to do for the day.
If I have a lot to do, I clean the feelings of things I don’t want to do or something to look forward to. I also like to clean at the end of the day, while taking a bath.


KAMAILELAULI’I RAFAELOVICH (a.k.a. KR), the first disciple of the late Morrnah Simeona, founder of SITH Ho’oponopono. She has been cleaning for over 50 years and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MAT (Massage Therapist License) certifications. In addition to her real estate business in Hawaii, she also does Ho’oponopono consulting, bodywork, land cleaning, and lectures throughout the country. She is the author of many Ho’oponopono books. Please check the books from here

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