My encounter with Ho’oponopono was in the autumn of 2010. Since then, I’ve taken Dr. Hew Len’s Basic 1 and Business classes, continued self-cleaning using KR tea and cleaning tools, and even participated in online seminars last year.

When I first started Ho’oponopono, I never imagined being in a place like Tokyo, coming from Kyushu. I also never imagined pursuing a career as a nursery teacher. While the happiness I envisioned back then might have differed, I believe I’ve progressed in a positive direction.

This year, unexpectedly, I learned about my maternal grandfather’s lineage. I discovered individuals revered as deities in Japan and unearthed facts about our ancestry not found in textbooks. Despite the surprises, continuing with the cleaning process taught me that when the time is right, the divine guidance manifests. These days continue quietly, filled with the practice of cleaning.

I’m filled with gratitude.
My peace.

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