I have purchased various cleaning tools from the SITH Asia website, and among them, my favorite is the Divine Love Seal. I have used them effectively by placing them at the entrance of my house and on the mailbox.

Recently, I decided to add these seals to my bedroom and bought five more. Today, as I picked up one of the new seals to place it in my bedroom, I felt gratitude for all the support I had received from the existing Divine Love Seals and expressed my thanks to them.

To my surprise, the seal responded in an unexpected way. It conveyed, ‘Although we are all called Divine Love Seals, each of us has our own unique identity—we are not all the same.’

This was a revelation to me.

Then, I asked the seal where it would like to be placed. I followed my intuition and chose a spot, believing that if it was not the right place, the process of cleaning would guide me correctly.

There are times when I forget about cleaning, but with the help of these tools, I plan to continue steadily, step by step.

With heartfelt thanks. I love you.


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