Since February 2022, I have applied for KR session and KR absentee bodywork in rapid succession, and I feel that a great deal of the problem has been revealed.
One of the most impressive cases was during the period when I applied for bodywork for my daughter as a caretaker.

I applied for the bodywork right after I was informed that she needed to be hospitalized for an MRI scan of her brain (she is 3 years old), which requires the use of anesthesia, and that I could not accompany her at all due to the corona.

While KR was working on my bodywork, I kept cleaning with my own emotions and thoughts that surfaced.
When I explained to my daughter about the hospitalization, she started to cry, got up at night to urinate, and urinated frequently, and she was feeling mentally burdened.
I felt a great deal of guilt for having put her in such a state, and I had a severe headache, but I continued to carefully clean her in my own way.

The next day, I heard a voice saying, “You don’t have to be hospitalized.
What? What do you mean?
In the course of that search, I found a hospital that had written a blog that said, ‘MRI without sedation as much as possible, even for infants.
Moreover, the clinic was only three stations away from my house, and the director had worked in the neurosurgery department of the hospital I currently go to. So I thought, “This is it! I felt that it would be easy to cooperate with the clinic.

Then, after cleaning the clinic name, phone number, and director’s name, I called to inquire.
However, I thought that even a clinic with such a blog would actually say, ‘As expected, an MRI without anesthesia for a 3-year-old child is difficult.

I was still able to get a response that they would try if I could get a letter of referral from my current hospital.
So I contacted the general hospital immediately and received a letter of referral on the same day.

I told my daughter that if she could do this, she would not have to stay in the hospital and would be able to sleep with her mom all night instead of staying alone. She started sleeping soundly.

Two days later, we went to the clinic to see a substitute doctor, who was not the director, before the MRI. And he said
‘An MRI without sedation at the age of three is pitiful. The noise is too loud, she is likely to be traumatized by being confined in a place that feels closed off, and it is impossible to take a good MRI.

I was disappointed, but I knew I had to start cleaning anyway, so I kept cleaning it while listening to the doctor. My daughter, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly started talking.

I was like, “What? Don’t start talking here!
I was in a hurry for a moment. But for some reason, the doctor said, “Oh, yes, she is indeed very firm. Well, I don’t know if I can do it in one shot, but let’s give it a try.
I really didn’t understand why, but something seemed to have happened.
And I was also cleaning my impatient thoughts.

And then they called her in and she started shooting.
Luckily, I was able to go inside with her, so I greeted the MRI machine and the room staff and did the cleaning.

The MRI shot started.
She was able to sit still for about 10 minutes without moving at all, but then her body started to itch and she started to move.

I realized that I had strong expectations and that when my daughter achieved this, it would prove that I was right, and so many other thoughts came up, so I cleaned.
When I did so, my daughter stopped moving and took another shot.
After the shoot, she had another medical exam, and the doctor was very surprised that at 3 years old and not under sedation, she could take such beautiful pictures! My daughter looked satisfied.
We went straight to the general hospital with the data.

They were going to discuss the matter in the hospital over the weekend and I would go to the hospital alone first thing in the morning on the day of her scheduled admission to determine whether or not she would be admitted.
As a result, she was not hospitalized, and the doctor at the general hospital told me that
“he had never seen a case where a 3-year-old girl could be photographed so beautifully without using anesthesia.
It was a great learning experience. He learned a lot.”

First of all, MRI imaging of the brain without sedation at the age of 3, which was said to be impossible.
It was a miracle that this became possible through cleaning.
And during the cleaning, a lot of feelings of remorse and guilt for not being a good wife and mother were surfacing anyway, so I kept cleaning anyway every time I felt something.

I felt that Unihipili gave me the opportunity to clean so deeply using the reality that she might be hospitalized.
After that, I still feel that I have been given the opportunity to clean through all kinds of realities, as I still feel remorse for not being a good wife and a wise mother, but it was an event that made me realize the beauty of cleaning again, so I am sharing it with you with gratitude.

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