I recently had this realization.
The other day I contracted the coronavirus.
I work in a relatively crowded office where people are occasionally infected, so I thought it was inevitable that I would get it.

I work on an hourly wage, and if I had to take a long leave of absence, it would be difficult to make a living, so I thought that if I had to take a leave of absence due to infection, it would be good if it coincided with my winter vacation, not thinking about my body, but thinking selfishly.

I had forgotten that I had thought that, but one day, as the temperature dropped and my body grew cold and tired, I developed a fever and became truly infected….
I was so surprised, but at the same time I felt that my body was amazing, because it was able to fulfill what I had thought, in my head, would happen during the winter vacation (!). I suddenly felt that my body was making sure that I would not be troubled, and even if it was just by coincidence, I felt such a connection.

n this experience, I tried to clean each experience.
There were various thoughts and feelings that I felt, thoughts and emotions that came from within me, and I cleaned with them, including the clinic and pharmacy I visited, the staff’s responses to me, and the reactions of my colleagues at work.

Fortunately, it did not get that bad and I was able to recover, but when I felt indescribably sluggish, at the same time I felt as if even the dark parts of my inner self were flooding out.
I felt as if I was being crushed by all the things that were under the surface of my mind… things that were not going well, the feeling that I was always working, the lamentation that I had no love, my father who was cruel to me, financial problems, anxiety and impatience about the future, and so on.
I was really depressed, but when I remembered, I said to myself, “I love you.
These feelings were something I needed to look at.
I struggled in the darkness, and then I felt a glimmer of light.

I often think that I don’t understand the voice of Unihipili very well, but this experience felt like a message from my body (Unihipili) through the corona infection.
This was an important experience for me because I felt a connection with my body (Unihipili), and it made me want to love myself by listening to my body (Unihipili) even more from now on.

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