The birth of my son opened a new path in my life, leading me to the powerful practice of Ho’oponopono. I encountered this journey somewhat vaguely through a book on Ho’oponopono, which narrated a story about healing a grandchild’s autism. This inspired me to embark on the same path.

When my son was diagnosed with developmental disabilities, I was willing to try anything to help him. Initially skeptical about Ho’oponopono, I embraced it desperately. Despite moments of doubt along the way, after seven years of consistent practice, I realized that the root of our issues lay within myself.

My son is about to turn ten, and he has grown in ways I never imagined. He is different from the ‘son’ I had pictured, yet now I see him as a perfect being. I deeply understand that family is a relationship we continuously ‘clean’ throughout our lives.

I am grateful for my son, as he was the reason I discovered Ho’oponopono. I intend to continue this journey at my own pace.

Thank you.

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