“My interest in Hawaii went beyond the beauty of its tourist spots or the joy of shopping. What I really wanted to understand was the spiritual aspect of Hawaii, especially the essence of the ‘Aloha Spirit’. My journey of exploration began with Dr. Hew Len’s book. However, when I first read the book, I couldn’t grasp its deep meaning, and it ended up forgotten on a shelf.

Years passed, and my life had dramatically changed. I had a new family, bringing joy but also many responsibilities and challenges. In particular, family issues weighed heavily on me, making everyday life feel suffocating. During this time, my mother picked up the book and mentioned, ‘Do you know about Ho’oponopono?’ Those words encouraged me to reopen the book.

This time, the book held an entirely new meaning for me. The message ‘Just keep cleaning, and a path will open’ resonated deeply within my heart. Through practicing Ho’oponopono, I began to introspect and learned how to free myself from self-critical thoughts. Despite enduring tough times, continually speaking kindly to myself helped gradually calm my mind.

In this transformation, I started reading other related books. Works by KR and Irene Taira further deepened my journey of self-healing. Reading these books allowed me to heal myself and let go of self-critical thoughts. They also taught me the importance of listening to my inner voice.

Now, I practice the teachings of Ho’oponopono daily through conversations with myself. In a life filled with work, parenting, and family issues, speaking kindly to myself is crucial. In tough times, I tell myself, ‘It’s hard, isn’t it? But it’s okay.’ This self-dialogue helps to keep my heart at peace.

The encounter with Ho’oponopono was a significant turning point in my life. I hope that this ancient healing wisdom will resonate with many others. May my experience help those who are suffering in a similar way.

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